magazine cover

Back issue of the defunct Beckett Massive Online Gamer Magazine

Welcome to the all new Guild Report blog. What is this site all about? Well I have heard it said that most innovations on the web exist because people are either looking for something or trying to solve their own problem. My case is no different, as an casual mmo gamer, I have always dabbled in reading about the games I love to play like Dungeons and Dragons Online and World of Warcraft.  Moreover, I was saddened when my favorite magazine Beckett’s Massive Online Gamer stopped printing in the spring of 2012. I remember walking into Barnes and Noble one day and picking it off the racks like I usually did, only to discover that this would be the very last issue!

One of my favorite features in the magazine was a section called “Guild Roll Call” which was dedicated to featuring the various Guilds in various mmos. It was a sort of directory of guilds and officers for each individual game and as someone who shopped around or jumped from game to game, I was intrigued by it because it provided me with a ready made directory or listing of guilds.

The Guild Report will attempt to recreate this function only in an electronic format and we hope that a lot of mmorpg players will find it a useful resource and a source of news, entertainment and a hub to meet other guilds they might be curious about. So if you are a guild officer or member and would like to contact me or be featured on the mmoguildreport, please drop me a line at mmoguildreporter@yahoo.com or follow us on twitter @mmochronicles

So pull up a chair, grab whatever your preferred form of gamer fuel is and if you are in a guild come join us in this community for mmo gaming guilds, we will promote, endorse and help you recruit members. Enjoy!


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