ArcheAge Guilds Ready to Launch



Hello there!

The Guild Report is back from our summer hiatus.

We are getting ready for the ArcheAge launch and as such, this coming weekend and throughout the open beta we are going to be featuring ArcheAge guilds on the game’s servers.

Aranzeb (East)

Twin Crimson Blades

This guild is active in Guild Wars 2, PoE, Warframe and now are gearing up for the release of ArceAge.

From the forums: “Our main focus is starting up on Archeage and getting our Galleon and trade ship 1st. The privileges will mainly be assisting in Trade runs and run with as many packs as possible. For now, this is our top priority for the 4-day head start and launch.”

Pete [Anrothan Aimhirghin] is the co-creator and leader of this guild which he describes as a PvX guild. “We offer a helping hand to anyone who is willing to help all the “Noobs” and Nubs of the game and extend a helping hand to anyone who is willing to work with us.” he writes.

We will be going to Aranzeb for the official release, specifically east faction. The guild’s main focus is to create a trade ship and trade cart to expedite our income for gear and farms. For more info on this, please PM me via STEAM to Anrothan. There are weekly and/or monthly events that happend within the guild.  The winners will also be posted on the guild page at


According to their website, Addiction is a high end raiding and pvp guild with 207 active members averaging in age of 29 years old and an acceptance rate o 29%. The Guild has participated in RIFT, Wildstar and Darkfall, amidst other mmos and is now forming in ArcheAge. More info. can be found here

Dracos Inebrius

Dracos Inebrius was founded in 2000 on Asheron’s Call’s Solclaim server. The guild has roots in PvE and PvP . They are dedicated to their members and help them in every way. Over the years the guild has gained and lost members as they have moved on to explore other venues. Now with the closing of content on Asheron’s Call and the loss of so many members over it, the founder has decided to move to ArcheAge.

They claim the guild will have a Teamspeak 3 Server in the coming weeks for all members to comunicate with channels for every aspect of play,the only rule is please keep language to a G rating untill 10 pm. The guild’s application can be found here. and more information is available on the official website.