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Returning Player – Mage Looking For Guild (Deepwood)
Hello everyone!

I recently returned to the game last week and have been looking to be part of a guild and its community since. I have not been very successful in my search. I am a casual player in RIFT, very laid back and friendly. I absolutely love raiding, though I never truly got my hand into it. I would like to. I can be either a casual or hardcore player, and fulfill my role steadily and seriously; but I prefer to be around casual players as they tend to be more relaxed and not so uptight, and won’t shout at other people. I don’t care for that one bit and I certainly won’t tolerate it.

A little bit about my character:
-I have 442 hit
-I have not yet parsed but last time I did I was pulling around 9-10k dps. Decent enough to carry myself in TDQ and FT.
-I am working hard on my Torvan and Lycini rep.
-I have multiple roles, including other dps specs, support, and a healing spec.
-I am primarily a DPSer but I can be a healer as well, if guided into the right direction.

Again, I am a very casual and laid back player. I love running experts and I love raiding, and I want to be part of a friendly environment guild and run through the raids with them. I don’t care if we are doing a 10 man or a 20 man – I will be quite happy just seeing content. I am currently on Deepwood and cannot transfer for another week, but I will transfer servers if need be.


I have a rogue, mage, cleric. Rogue was always my main, but I also preferred ranged when DPSing so assuming ranged is still bent over the table, the other classes are on the table. Played dps halfway through chocolate, then tanked until SL, then back to dps until I got bored and quit. Haven’t played since the SL T2 10 man, IIRC.

Looking to ease back in casually to start. May end up raiding, but probably not 12+ hours a week like I used to, unless 3.0 turns out to be quite a bit more fun that I expect.

Raid times during the week would need to start no earlier than 3 server and end no later than 8 server. Weekend hours are pretty much open.

Additionally, nothing dictates I have to stay on Deepwood.


New to Rift – Level 19 Mage/Necromancer

Hi everyone!I’m looking for a guild.

I’m new to this and so I am looking for a guild that is willing to spend time with someone fairly new and help them figure things out.

I don’t know all the technical jargon, etc. but one of my favorite things to do in Rift are…well…Rifts!

I am actually looking for a guild that spends time getting to know their members. That would be nice. A close-knit group that doesn’t mind bringing others in. Anyway, lemme know!

P.S. – I’m not a tank. I usually go the DPS route. O_o Which is weird for mages I guess, but that’s how I like to play.


Guild Roll Call: Everquest 2

Hello there. I know it has been too long since the Guild Report has updated on a regular basis. I am guilty of letting personal circumstances interfere with serving the function of guild recruitment information.

However, that will no longer be the case, now that graduate school is ending there is more time with matching up guilds with players. I think this is more important than ever with older mmorpgs which don’t have the exposure of games like FFIXV or ESO. However, we will post info on all guild recruitments for as many games as needed.

This week the Guild Report is focusing on Everquest 2 and DDO. Everquest 2 specifically is still a viable alternative to Landmark or any of the other SOE games which are not f2p or which have a higher populations of players.

I re-discovered my 14th level warlock and also created a new toon, a 10th level barbarian at the moment, and I have joined the Lords of Pain on the Nagafen Server on EQ2.

Everquest 2 Guilds Looking for Players:

Shadowstake writes: Lords of Pain is looking for util, heals, and mage dps for casual raid. We are on naggy (Nagafen) server, which is good for raiding because the low population so you will have a chance at being on top for progression, which are in top 3, and have chance at avatars. Also because of bgs, and low pop, open world pvp is very uncommon, and can almost be avoided if not your thing, or be found if it is. Take a look at our website

Meanwhile, Noobtroub reports that Validus on Splitpaw server are recruiting the following,

High Priority – Coercer
Medium Priority – Dirge Troub Illusionist
Low Priority – Tank

We may also consider applications from exceptional players whose class is not listed.

We raid 4 days a week Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, raids start at 1900 GMT 2000 CET and end at 2300 GMT 0000 CET.

Applicants are expected to have:
– Level 95 with Myth buff.
– 350 aa and proper AA spec(s).
– A majority of your abilities should be of Master level. We expect you to work actively on finishing up this part if you still miss some.
– Preferably gear good enough to be of use and to let us evaluate your full potential. Your gear should be properly adorned. We are not afraid to gear up potential recruits, but lack of gear generally points toward lack of experience. Make sure to convince us you are worth the effort in your application.
– Have all expacs flagged
– Attendance of 75% each month.
– Good knowledge of your class.
– Mature personality and minimal ego.

If you have any questions or require more info contact Splitpaw.Ashwind or Splitpaw.Channy in game and/or visit us at our website

Rose from the Order of the White Rose guild writes:
Order of the White Rose recruiting:
• All Access
• FTP (Free to Play)
• Silver
• All Classes & Levels
• Alts always welcome

We are a family friendly guild; therefore we keep guild chat clean. Our number #1 rule is to have fun. We do allow members under the age of 16 only if their parent is a member of the guild or applying with their children. We teach and help those who need it, when possible. We do not power level members. We do not require raiding, but we do have alliances to raid with. Our T3 beautiful guild hall is complete with the amenities you need to level, adventure, travel & more.

Established: 2006
Location: Permafrost Server
• (Use Antonica docks for guild bell)
• (Originally on Mistmoore server before the merge)
Guild Level: 95
Alignment: Combined — Good, Evil, Neutral
Rank System: Guild members earn ranks through guild status

Visit: (for more info and to learn more about our history)
Send /tell to any of our members logged in game for an invite, or use guild icon tool if able.

If progression raid guild is your cup of tea, Kontrolling updated ’s info for the AB Server:

The guild is recruiting to fill it’s ranks with raider’s…no worries plenty of time to Quest and Level you to 50!!!
I Kontrolling is also looking for officer’s to help support me with strategy and so on, were still in the early stages of just getting the guild filled so, come join us! Please send me an in game mail or a tell… I’m on late afternoon’s/evenings 6pm-10pm CST.. Raids will be Friday and Saturday.
We are in lvl60 content.. for a few more weeks finishing up signature raid progression quest lines.. We are accepting key specific players we have a strong core, please send a /who all expedition to any of our recruits for an invite and we will get you on your way!!! (filling up group 4 of our raid force, before entering next lvl uncap of 70 (kos)