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We are a 10m raiding guild whose had roots in hard mode progression.
As of current we are 14/14 normal, 9/14 Heroic .
We have really weird raid times, a mix of Late night with early afternoon.
We are really laid back on easy content but we get down and serious on progression content.

We are currently recruiting any players with some hard mode experience for Warlords of draenor.
Current Item level is irrelevant, if you have some strong heroic experience during relevant content we want you. We currently have a 13 person core roster for mythics, so any groups are welcome to come in bundle packs. Please contact me for more info.

As for other inquiries We are currently trying to set up a second group for 10 mans, meaning any one of any item level is welcome to try and join our guild. The main reason for this second group is to increase our roster for WoD. We also would prefer if 1 person whose willing to lead the group join as well, as being the gm I can’t maintain both groups recruitment needs while trying to push our progression.
We are also looking for raiders interested in joining us for Mythic modes in WoD. They may be used as fillers or subbed in for SoO Heroic and Norm but we would like to bolster our raid roster for WoD to be prepared for Mythic Modes.
Our raid times are

Monday : 9 Pm Pst – 12 Am Pst.
Thursday : 9 Pm Pst – 12 Am Pst.
Sunday : 3 Pm Pst – 6pm pst.

ILvl isn’t extremely important to us. We can gear you, but we need a solid raider that can make those times and be able to commit.

Also heads up, we are very offensive, Vulgar and we joke around a lot. We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings so if you can’t take a joke or are kind of sensitive I wouldn’t suggest you contacting us.

Our 3rd or 4th Heroic Nazgrim Kill

Our first Heroic Immerseus kill

Our Normal Garrosh kill, incase you’re wondering what the raiding atmosphere is like.

Our guild website to app:
Contact me in game at: Apollexis#1142