DDO Permadeth gaming part 2

Dungeons and Dragons Online

courtesy of mmobomb

I had a night off so I decided to start my permadeth gaming career in DDO and chose to see if I could track down members of the PD Halls of Valhalla on the Ghallanda server. This guild may or may not be active as their boards haven’t shown a lot of recent activity of late, so I decided to investigate by rolling a character on the server and trying to reach their guild members in game.

According to their site, the group had very strict “Cannith Challenges” Rules including:

Granted Free Challenge Tokens are allowed
Crate drops are allowed
Challenge Items that drop in challenges are allowed
All Cannith Collectables are allowed to be collected
All Trade-ins available from collectibles are allowed

Not Allowed
Earning XP is not allowed in the challenges, this means either some one in the group is over level by 7 levels or your XP is capped, static groups only need 1 person capped
All Supply Box Chests must be destroyed without looting them
All items in the DDO store which effect challenges are not allowed

These challenges may be rerun as many times as you wish to earn the 5 star favor or the collectibles for trade in, have fun grinding these! All other guild rules regarding grouping still apply to these quests! SPECIAL NOTE: People within a static group can run these without the full group present as long as they meet the XP requirements, they are not allowed to run with other non-static group toons.

In future posts the mmoguild report will look at a few of the permadeth guilds in the various DDO servers and will also investigate other permadeth guilds in other mmorpgs. Should be a hoot and a half.



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