Guild of the Week: The Faceless Order EQ2 Progression Guild

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MMO Grinder did a good review of Sony’s Everquest 2 a while back, so I linked it here. It’s one of the few mmos I wish I was still playing and may jump back into one of these days.

Our MMO guild of the week is The Faceless Order, an Everquest 2 Progression Guild. “It is our mission to progress through all available Everquest raid content in a linear fashion beginning with Classic EQ. We raid three nights per week starting at 9pm and ending at 12am EST.” says their mission statement on their official website and it looks like when it comes to EQ, this guild does not mess around.

There in an application to join the official SoE Test Server branch of TFO on their forums and officers and recruiters who are online can be found in the channel TFOapply:welcome — simply /join TFOapply:welcome when looking for an Officer / recruiter in game.

This is their application template for new  members:

Character Name:
Level / AA count:
How many hours a week do you spend playing EverQuest:

We raid Mon, Wed, Thurs from 9pm to 12am EST. Which days can you commit to attending?

When did you originally begin playing Everquest?

Describe your raiding background, include notable guilds you’ve been a member of and all content you have raided previously.

What expansion or era do you most look forward to experiencing and why?

Any 300 level tradeskills?

Are you able to join Ventrilo during raids? Speaking is not required.

During your 2 week trial, what aspects of your character will you focus on improving the most outside of raids?
(eg. gear, AA, epic 2.0)

Do you have a high lvl (85+) character that can aide you in gearing up or will you need help from others?

Where did you hear about us?

Please join the channel: TFOapply:welcome to speak with an online Officer or Recruiter. If you are having trouble finding one of us on, ask any member in-game if an Officer or Recruiter is on.


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