Throwback Thursday: Guilds in Gaheris on DAoC


For today’s Throwback Thursday post we are revisiting Dark Age of Camelot, the venerable original RvR mmorpg from E.A. Mythic. Specifically we are focusing on the Gaheris server, which is the mmorpg’s PVE server with an active population. How active? It is hard to say. As new user Harlequin0823 revealed on the forums, there isn’t a global channel, so returning players who are taking advantage of the 7-day trial period recently offered by the devs to get people back in the fold may have a tough time finding others to play with, or even joining a guild, if the population is somewhat low.

Mythic has detailed a Guild guilde with their Social interface and news system here.   Their efforts for the classic MMO are being guided by Broadsword Online Games, to operate and support the game with Mythic EA. (More on that here) did a great job of detailing the game for those of you who never ventured in Camelot.

As reported by Sauvi, The entire server is largely based / active in the Survivors alliance. some of the guilds in there actively recurit members, the Survivors guild itself will always accept new members. “If you see a guild with an active member, its likely a guild in the Survivors Alliance” was his advice to new players. These are the guilds listed in the game’s Survivor Allience according to Sauvi:

Current membership on January 27, 2014
Deadly Intentions
Angels of War
Knights of Midgard
Doomborgen Morgen
Angels of Death
Knights of Caledonia
Knights of Fayte
The Motley Crue
Counter Crew
One Man Army
Keepers of Light
The Jaded Ones
Danish Huscarls

Not all recruit or are set active, but they are all in there.

Thanks to the Geharis forum members for the info!!


2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Guilds in Gaheris on DAoC

  1. Yeah, DAoC has slowed way down compared to back in its glory days. The PvE and PvP servers are both very empty in comparison to the regular servers. It’s too bad that so many people see the graphics and won’t give this game a shot, it’s truly an amazing game to say the least.

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