MMORPG gaming convention?


While browsing the web this week for upcoming gaming conventions, it occurred to me that there is a major gap in the convention circuit. As mmo players and guild leaders or officers, we play a number of games, but most of us prefer our chosen gaming genre, even if we do dabble in other genres like fps and rts games from time to time. At least me personally, again and again go back to RPGs as a single player experience and mmos for multi-player gaming. So why is it that we have so many gaming cons, even non gaming cons like comic-con that dedicate space to gamers and so few cons, dedicated to mmorpgs?

Think about it, besides Blizzcon, is there really any one convention dedicated to mmos? Not a specialty con that I am aware of. The upcoming list of game cons reads like a litany of gatherings for devs dedicated to console gaming with some of the biggest names in the industry, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, but except for specialty reveals and news about mmos in cons like E3 and GDC and PAX East, there isn’t a single con dedicated to strictly PC gamers in general and mmo players specifically.

I think with so many mmo players out there and with so many varied mmo titles on the market, and big names like the Elder Scrolls Online, Everquest Next, and the new wow expansion to name a few, it’s about time there was a convention dedicated to the genre specifically. The loss of subscribers plaguing older games like World of Warcraft is a bit deceptive if you consider that there exist so many mmorpgs out there which people can choose to play and form guilds in to play with their friends.

What do you all think? Is this even feasible? I just hope if someone does create an mmorpg specific con, that they remember I called for one here first and they remember to send me an invite!

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