Guild of the week: The Order of Chaos


Dark Age of Camelot is my favorite classic mmorpg as most of you might have guessed. For those unfamiliar with DAoC, did a fairly nice review of the game a while back which you can read here.

The guild of the week for this week, after searching through DAoC guild information for quite some time is The Order of Chaos. With its own facebook page, a forum to discuss news about the game and Midgard and Hibernian realms, and announcement for raids, this guild is quite involved in the community of DAoC and as I have discussed before, community is key to playing social multi-player games.

Congratulations to Order of Chaos for being named our guild of the week!

More players or guilds looking for members

World of Warcraft

Hey there folks!

My friend and I are starting a new raiding guild on Mal’ganis called Haven. We both have limited schedules due to school/work and have been bouncing around the various weekend guilds. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find one to call home due to schedules, raid atmosphere, progression, etc. So we decided to start our own!

Here’s some basic info and I’ll expound upon our ideals at the bottom of the post:


We don’t have a raid team yet! Guild leadership is 12/14H.

Raid Schedule:

Friday, Saturday, Sunday; 9pm-1am server time (CST)

Looking For:

Ele Shaman
1 Healer (non-monk)

If your class isn’t listed, you might consider applying anyway. We will consider any excellent dps. These are just the ideal classes for our current raid composition.

Essay Time:

There aren’t that many weekend guilds out there! The ones that exist are either not quite as progressed as I’d like to be or have an atmosphere that I don’t want to play in. My goal with Haven is to create a fun and friendly guild that raids at a high level.

Things are going to be a bit tough in the beginning and we understand that. We’re looking to build something that’s going to last and we realize it’s going to take some time to get off the ground. Warlords of Draenor is right around the corner and we want to build a strong group of friends to tackle its challenges (as well as to finish out the current tier!)

If you are looking for a bit more than just a raiding team, consider making Haven your home. Feel free to add my battletag and ask me any questions you might have! Or, apply online at our website!

Btag: Ferrington#1482


Hello, background on us, We’re an older guild who has been together for around six years now, upon the death of a highly ranked 25 man guild on server, we formed up with the intent of a more casual schedule and mindset then that we had experienced previously, we’ve recently needed to transfer off of our home of Eredar as its been dying for years, and finally has reached the point unto which it was no longer bareable. We’ve since relocated to a server named Proudmoore, of which is a very good, friendly, very high population pool of active players consistently looking to do something any hour of the day or night, making our community stronger and more active then ever before.

This is ONLY the recruitment needs for the 25 man, we have SIX ten man teams independent of one another also seeking varied classes/gear/players for different days/hours, info on teams available on request.

The Ten man teams have different needs, inquire directly for detailed lists of times/days/needs, we have a raid group raiding nearly any hour of the day, and varied days of the week.

We’re looking for an exceptional Ranged needs are; Boomkin, Warlock, Spriest, Resto Shaman, Third tank, Or Dk tank with dps offspec, or dk dps with tanking offspec. Need One player(s) total for core spot(s) in our Content pushing heroic, 25 man team. We’re also seeking any exceptional players, regardless of class. As well as spots in multiple ten man teams lead throughout the week. 12/14H Current content, 13/13H and 16/16H Previous content. We are the top 25 man on our server.

Previous content we had multiple heroics on farm status, we have also cleared every content since wotlk and up until current as a guild and with nearly all firsts for any alliance kill on our old server Eredar. We have since transferred to Proudmoore due to our server dieing. We also have multiple alt ten man teams running throughout the week looking for similiar dps. We also do guild gold challenge modes often ( and have all completed ) We also run guild rbgs/arenas throughout the week. We also lead multiple alt raids, as well as side-raids through old content, achievements, alt leveling in groups, and play with one another cross-gaming on a daily basis, over the years we’ve become a very large active community.

Raid days/times for the main/core 25 man are Tue/Thur/Sun 8:00-11:30/12 EST

We are also seeking any exceptional dps regardless of listed needs.

We also cover the transfer of anyone exceptional who is needing of it, and qualifies.
Contact us @;

Youtube: GameOverEredarUS
Stream, available on request
Logs, available on request

Nudist ( GM )
b-tag Sinful#1486

Katen ( Officer ) Jeevo#1807
Ipsii ( Officer ) Nessa#1373

The easiest and most effective method for contact is generally in-game, however directly through the site works as well. Thank you for reading.

Sadistic – Alliance – Whisperwind (US)

Don’t have time to commit to a full time raid schedule right now? Looking ahead to WoD? Sadistic is looking for people to boost its roster to use as subs and also for a main group come Warlords.

8/14 Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar

Currently Recruiting:
Any class and spec

Raid Times:
Sunday 7 pm-10 pm CST (server time)
Monday 7 pm-10 pm CST (server time)

Sadistic is a semi-hardcore 10 man raid guild on Whisperwind server. We are a tight knit group of raiders that push heroic progression but don’t have the time to invest in a full time hardcore schedule due to real life commitments.

Focus- We only raid for 6 hours a week and need everyone to be focused 100% on progression for that time.
Preparation- You have the entire week to get pots/flasks and gear in order. Invites go out 15 min before raid time and everyone needs to be ready to go at that time.
Class knowledge- Know your class inside and out. We don’t carry. If you don’t perform close to sims or comparebots of players of the same class and don’t have a legitimate excuse you will be sat.
Fight Mechanics- As mentioned, raid time is for raiding. Discussions of the fights as well as strategy are available on the forum in advance and you must be ready to go come raid time.

Visit our forums at and fill out an application. If you have any questions you can talk to Cheeko (Cheeko#1931), Maphew (Slaterd#1348) or Iffi (ginzu#1488)


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