Aion Legions Looking for members


Do you remember Aion? Ncsoft’s mmorpg with flying characters and the fantasy realm of Atreia where two factions the Asmodeans and the Elyos are engaged in celestial war. I tried out this mmo back in the day, it used to be p2p but has since gone f2p. While this might be an indication to some players that the developers have thrown in the towel, this does not appear to be the case with this mmo which still boasts of a thriving community of dedicated players. Here is a look at the new class Rider which was introduced recently:

Now that you have been introduced (or reintroduced as it were) to the game, we can get down to the business of matching up Aion “Legions” (guilds) with some players.

UNISON is a brand new legion with some old chars in it. We are currently looking to get some spots filled. We are looking for plate and chanter classes mostly. We are open to some other classes as well but limited. Those who are accepted will become a static for the 4.5 instances. We PVP, attend sieges, and run new content.REQ
LVL 65
18 + (We don’t have censored legion chat or TS)
Not easily offended, goes with the 21 deal
Can be self sufficient
Looking for folks with good sense of humor, We cut up a lot in TS
Geared for 4.5 Instances
Exp with 4.5 Instances
Exp with your class **Very Important**Anyway, if it sounds like something you would like to know more PM me in Game Spunked and we will see what you have. Trust me, may sound like a lot of need this or that and no fun, but we have a blast, and those who are working to up their ranks, hate failing 4.5 instances will understand this! Look forward to hearing from everyone.

LOST VOICES is looking for new members. We are a Level 2 legion just starting out. This is an extremely casual legion – we have no activity requirement. In fact, we cater to the less active players who want to join a legion, but maybe can’t meet the activity requirements for some of the established legions due to real life requirements.We have members taking college classes, who have work and/or family responsibilities, and the like. I, myself, have health problems. So it doesn’t matter how active you are – you can still join! All we ask is that you be willing to help other members, if you are able, and that you are respectful of other members.If you are interested in joining, or have any questions, please PM me – Ailethiya – in game.


We are a small legion that came from WarHammer when it shut down in December. We are called “Silver Bows”. While most of us are still pretty low level, two of us are in the high 50’s and are hoping to get some good RvR action.We have decided that the two of us alone are not going to be able to do much, so we would like to take our two high levels out of the legion and join a large, active RvR legion.We are “mature” (read “old”) players with a lot of RvR experience in DaoC and WarHammer. We usually play from around 6PM to 10PM Pacific time, with 7-9 being the core play time — i.e., we are almost always on between 7 and 9 PM Pacific time.

While we are hard core RvR players, we are pretty laid back and easygoing and not looking for a legion where winning is everything — we like it when everyone has fun.

I (Bognor) am a templar and the other player is a chanter.

Please let me know in game if you are interested in having us in your legion.

Visit us at for more information.
Vibrance is a guild founded under the basic principles of equality, community, understanding, and accomplishment. The primary goal of our guild is to provide a friendly, enjoyable, and unique experience to all members regardless of any and all differing creeds. This is stated because we want those who read this to be aware that our guild will strive together towards creating a comfortable environment for everyone. With that being said, we also want to create a sense of community and belonging among our guild for social players. Acceptance of the differences of others is important both personally and in policy. You can continue to read more about our mission at our website.
About us

One of the many reasons that people join guilds is to communicate with other players. We provide our members with 3 primary ways of communication in addition to in-game chat: website communication (forums, messaging, etc.), TeamSpeak 3 (voice & text chat), and social media (our Facebook group). Allow me to state now that members are not required to use voice chat and text chat within our guild through TeamSpeak 3, but any of our members who do not make use of TeamSpeak 3 will not be able to progress very far in our guild’s ranking system.Vibrance is targeted for both casual and hardcore players alike. We appreciate all aspects of the game, including both PvP and PvE. We do our best to cater to as many playing styles as possible.We reward our members for participation in our events and within our community for outstanding contributions. These rewards are presented and displayed through profile awards on our website, in-game prizes, and more. Some of the events we host include trivia, karaoke, raffles, art contests, and more.

Each experienced member of our guild’s team of volunteer staff is determined to help make sure the journey that Vibrance travels along goes smoothly and efficiently. We invite you and your friends to join us on our journey while we work together to create new and lasting connections, learn from each other, and most importantly have fun!

By applying to join our guild, you are agreeing to our Rules. Please make sure you understand them! If you have any questions, please contact us on this thread and we’ll get back to you soon. You can apply for membership at our website.

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