World of Tanks: Clans recruiting

world of tanks

So world of Tanks is a cool warfare based mmo. It doesn’t get the recognition of bigger MMOs like Wow or Guild Wars 2, but it has its loyal followings, even in the blogosphere. In fact, I believe for a while, Tobold wrote extensively about his adventures in the game. Here is an old review of the game from the GameSpot folks, in case you never read or heard about the game.

Now that the intros are out of the way, time to do what we do best at the mmoguildreport, that is match up players with guilds. Only in WOT, the guilds are known as “clans” kinda weird, but not really, it’s all the same, players grouped to play together and put the social side on the mmo equation. So without further ado, here are some players looking for the right clans:

Raging Cannons is a relatively new clan with a majority of our members having success. Our clans’ mission statement is to participate in clan wars while building up our community roster and getting better at internet Tanks together. We’re currently recruiting players with end game skill and multiple tier 10 Tanks. The majority of our players come from other Clan Wars clans, but wanted to have a fresh start. We are an active clan looking to do Clan Wars with a raidcall server where you won’t find it difficult to find people to platoon with.

The following are the requirements for Raging Cannons

  • Atleast one tier 9 or 10 Tank.
  • Raidcall
  • Be active atleast 3 days a week
  • Participate in Clan Wars
  • Willing to fight clans that are better than us
  • 18+ (If you’re chill exceptions can be made)
  • Have a sense of humour and tolerate occasional trolling.

We will platoon with people who are interested in joining R_C, you can message the following players and we’ll discuss recruitment with you!

Ironman21j Commander

RISE85 Deputy Commander

100Smoke Deputy Commander

hssingh0172 Deputy Commander

jchap Deputy Commander

Ambassador_Of_Lulz Recruiter

Lt_John_Elise Recruiter

Message one of those players for Raidcall server

Apply here!

Our clan is filled with really nice folks, we may be a very small clan now, but we are a strong community!

We’re an active clan! Join, have some fun, meet some new people! See you on the battlefield!
We are a gaming community set up primarily around World of Tanks.

We are here to have fun in a mature, no drama  atmosphere.

We are regulars in Clan Wars.

If you think you have what it takes fill out an application and one of our recruiters will get back to you:

Register at the website and fill out an   Application Here

or click on the recruitment tab near top of any page of our website to get to the application.

Team speak 3 Address:

We hope to see you in battle soon!!!!!

DZNTS (The Black List) is actively recruiting members for our clan. We are a group that is very strong and plays very well together. We are currently active in CW and we play every night. Our current location on CW map is up in southern Alaska area. Take a look see what you think. The requirements for recruitment are as follows, 

Must be 18+

Must have 4+ CW Tanks

Must have above 51% win rate

Must have about 1500 WN8

Must be active for CW at least 3 nights a week

These are a guide line everyone will be looked at individually and evaluated as such. You T10s tanks are where I want to see your best stats and know you have a clue what you are doing in them.

If this sounds like a good Clan for you join us on TS and talk to an officer about joining.

War Wolves:

Come Join the Wolf Pack, We are a growing clan that are looking for Mature and Respectful Tankers that are interested in Platooning, Team Battles, Company Battles and Tournaments. We are a casual clan that want players that are looking for a relaxed atmosphere with no pressure.

Our Requirements are simple

1- Must be 21 or over
2- Must have Team Speak 3 installed on your PC and a Headset
3- Must be on Team Speak during prime time hours at night
4- Must play the game at least 3 times a week
5- Must have at least a Tier 6 tank for Company Battles
6- Must have respect for your clan mates and the enemy team, Trash talking will not be tolerated
7- Must have a sense of humor, it is just a game have fun

What we can offer you

1- 2 secure Team Speak 3 servers, So we always have comms
2- A website with a ton of info on the game
3- Training Rooms
4- The greatest group of Tankers in the game

Here is a link to our Website so you can check us out and if you are interested in joining us click on Recruitment and fill out the application.


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