Guild of the week: The Order of Chaos


Dark Age of Camelot is my favorite classic mmorpg as most of you might have guessed. For those unfamiliar with DAoC, did a fairly nice review of the game a while back which you can read here.

The guild of the week for this week, after searching through DAoC guild information for quite some time is The Order of Chaos. With its own facebook page, a forum to discuss news about the game and Midgard and Hibernian realms, and announcement for raids, this guild is quite involved in the community of DAoC and as I have discussed before, community is key to playing social multi-player games.

Congratulations to Order of Chaos for being named our guild of the week!

More players or guilds looking for members

World of Warcraft

Hey there folks!

My friend and I are starting a new raiding guild on Mal’ganis called Haven. We both have limited schedules due to school/work and have been bouncing around the various weekend guilds. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find one to call home due to schedules, raid atmosphere, progression, etc. So we decided to start our own!

Here’s some basic info and I’ll expound upon our ideals at the bottom of the post:


We don’t have a raid team yet! Guild leadership is 12/14H.

Raid Schedule:

Friday, Saturday, Sunday; 9pm-1am server time (CST)

Looking For:

Ele Shaman
1 Healer (non-monk)

If your class isn’t listed, you might consider applying anyway. We will consider any excellent dps. These are just the ideal classes for our current raid composition.

Essay Time:

There aren’t that many weekend guilds out there! The ones that exist are either not quite as progressed as I’d like to be or have an atmosphere that I don’t want to play in. My goal with Haven is to create a fun and friendly guild that raids at a high level.

Things are going to be a bit tough in the beginning and we understand that. We’re looking to build something that’s going to last and we realize it’s going to take some time to get off the ground. Warlords of Draenor is right around the corner and we want to build a strong group of friends to tackle its challenges (as well as to finish out the current tier!)

If you are looking for a bit more than just a raiding team, consider making Haven your home. Feel free to add my battletag and ask me any questions you might have! Or, apply online at our website!

Btag: Ferrington#1482


Hello, background on us, We’re an older guild who has been together for around six years now, upon the death of a highly ranked 25 man guild on server, we formed up with the intent of a more casual schedule and mindset then that we had experienced previously, we’ve recently needed to transfer off of our home of Eredar as its been dying for years, and finally has reached the point unto which it was no longer bareable. We’ve since relocated to a server named Proudmoore, of which is a very good, friendly, very high population pool of active players consistently looking to do something any hour of the day or night, making our community stronger and more active then ever before.

This is ONLY the recruitment needs for the 25 man, we have SIX ten man teams independent of one another also seeking varied classes/gear/players for different days/hours, info on teams available on request.

The Ten man teams have different needs, inquire directly for detailed lists of times/days/needs, we have a raid group raiding nearly any hour of the day, and varied days of the week.

We’re looking for an exceptional Ranged needs are; Boomkin, Warlock, Spriest, Resto Shaman, Third tank, Or Dk tank with dps offspec, or dk dps with tanking offspec. Need One player(s) total for core spot(s) in our Content pushing heroic, 25 man team. We’re also seeking any exceptional players, regardless of class. As well as spots in multiple ten man teams lead throughout the week. 12/14H Current content, 13/13H and 16/16H Previous content. We are the top 25 man on our server.

Previous content we had multiple heroics on farm status, we have also cleared every content since wotlk and up until current as a guild and with nearly all firsts for any alliance kill on our old server Eredar. We have since transferred to Proudmoore due to our server dieing. We also have multiple alt ten man teams running throughout the week looking for similiar dps. We also do guild gold challenge modes often ( and have all completed ) We also run guild rbgs/arenas throughout the week. We also lead multiple alt raids, as well as side-raids through old content, achievements, alt leveling in groups, and play with one another cross-gaming on a daily basis, over the years we’ve become a very large active community.

Raid days/times for the main/core 25 man are Tue/Thur/Sun 8:00-11:30/12 EST

We are also seeking any exceptional dps regardless of listed needs.

We also cover the transfer of anyone exceptional who is needing of it, and qualifies.
Contact us @;

Youtube: GameOverEredarUS
Stream, available on request
Logs, available on request

Nudist ( GM )
b-tag Sinful#1486

Katen ( Officer ) Jeevo#1807
Ipsii ( Officer ) Nessa#1373

The easiest and most effective method for contact is generally in-game, however directly through the site works as well. Thank you for reading.

Sadistic – Alliance – Whisperwind (US)

Don’t have time to commit to a full time raid schedule right now? Looking ahead to WoD? Sadistic is looking for people to boost its roster to use as subs and also for a main group come Warlords.

8/14 Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar

Currently Recruiting:
Any class and spec

Raid Times:
Sunday 7 pm-10 pm CST (server time)
Monday 7 pm-10 pm CST (server time)

Sadistic is a semi-hardcore 10 man raid guild on Whisperwind server. We are a tight knit group of raiders that push heroic progression but don’t have the time to invest in a full time hardcore schedule due to real life commitments.

Focus- We only raid for 6 hours a week and need everyone to be focused 100% on progression for that time.
Preparation- You have the entire week to get pots/flasks and gear in order. Invites go out 15 min before raid time and everyone needs to be ready to go at that time.
Class knowledge- Know your class inside and out. We don’t carry. If you don’t perform close to sims or comparebots of players of the same class and don’t have a legitimate excuse you will be sat.
Fight Mechanics- As mentioned, raid time is for raiding. Discussions of the fights as well as strategy are available on the forum in advance and you must be ready to go come raid time.

Visit our forums at and fill out an application. If you have any questions you can talk to Cheeko (Cheeko#1931), Maphew (Slaterd#1348) or Iffi (ginzu#1488)


Kickstarter mmos: Are mobile mmos unfundable?

Tobold posted an intriguing blog post re. kickstarter mmos the other day, he was inspired by Syp’s list of which games he was interested in and would actually play, but it got me thinking about how Tobold’s premise that financing a good mmo on kickstarter may not be possible, may be correct given the high industry costs associated with mmorpgs. I was myself interested in discovering if there were any guild-centric games in development, or looking to be crowdfunded, so I did a little bit of investigating and web surfing.

It looks as though out of the few games proposed dating back to 2012, only one has been completely funded, and it wasn’t even a traditional mmorpg, but more of a social game for facebook, albeit inspired by table top rpgs. Guildmasters, described at the time by its developers (Otherwind) as the first and only game on facebook that is actually a rpg, was successfully funded in the fall of 2012.

Check out their trailer:

So a little more than 100 people were intrigued to pledge, but that was apparently enough to reach the $8,000 goal the developers set. William Diehl, founder of Snowfury Studios, another developer looking to kickstart an mmo said, “kickstarter is shifting the balance of power in the game industry from large publishers to gamers like you.”  But is it really? I mean clearly for every Guildmasters there are at least five or six other projects that didn’t make the crowdfunding cut, including Project Snowstorm, Snowfury Studios’ game. Out of all these games, it isn’t very encouraging to note that at the time this blog post was written, Guildmasters could not even be played on facebook, presumably because of some technical glitches. At least the game company provided users with a humorous placeholder:


Jared Mark, developer of The Seige of Vermund: A Matter of Life and Death, another mmorpg that failed to meet its crowdsourcing goals on kickstarter had this to say about mmorpg game styles: “I want to make an mmorpg that is far different from the norm you see today, this is not just another world of warcraft clone, in fact I despise the entire world of warcraft model of mmorpg and I think it’s time we get past that model don’t you?”

“There’s enough first person shooters out there, I want to build a game where you never have to pick up a sword, or a bow or cast as spell, and you can still find yourself feeling fulfilled and content,” he said.

It sounds good in theory, but I can’t help to lament that he only got five backers to pledge $360 to the project last fall, a far cry from his $75,000 goal and maybe a testament to the fact mmorpg gamers maybe be satisfied with the current batch of Wow like games already permeating the industry.

My point is that the only mmorpg kickstarter game that was remotely successful isn’t even playable, though I assume someone has played it on facebook at some point, and that it does not seem that others are having much luck with the crowdfunding route. I would be pissed about this if I had kicked in some bucks to the development team. Compare this to a bigger name and bigger scoped project: namely the DAoC inspired Camelot Unchained, the announced and much hyped tri-realm, RvR focused “old mmorpg” being developed by City Entertainment, headed by Mark Jacobs, formerly of Mythic Entertainment and former developer of Dark Age of Camelot.

I discovered another interesting commonality with the unfunded guild-centric mmorpg projects on kickstarter, there’s a common thread running through a lot of them: They are being developed for next gen devices like mobile phones and tablets. This begs the question is the mmorpg player base, the same community which these games are aimed at and which ultimately theoretically help to fund these games even ready to play them on these devices? Or are mmorpgs because of their immersive qualities, designs and aesthetics destined to be exclusive to the PC for some time to come? After all, they haven’t exactly been a staple of consoles either. The MMO Guild Report, will keep an eye on this for you all.

Aion Legions Looking for members


Do you remember Aion? Ncsoft’s mmorpg with flying characters and the fantasy realm of Atreia where two factions the Asmodeans and the Elyos are engaged in celestial war. I tried out this mmo back in the day, it used to be p2p but has since gone f2p. While this might be an indication to some players that the developers have thrown in the towel, this does not appear to be the case with this mmo which still boasts of a thriving community of dedicated players. Here is a look at the new class Rider which was introduced recently:

Now that you have been introduced (or reintroduced as it were) to the game, we can get down to the business of matching up Aion “Legions” (guilds) with some players.

UNISON is a brand new legion with some old chars in it. We are currently looking to get some spots filled. We are looking for plate and chanter classes mostly. We are open to some other classes as well but limited. Those who are accepted will become a static for the 4.5 instances. We PVP, attend sieges, and run new content.REQ
LVL 65
18 + (We don’t have censored legion chat or TS)
Not easily offended, goes with the 21 deal
Can be self sufficient
Looking for folks with good sense of humor, We cut up a lot in TS
Geared for 4.5 Instances
Exp with 4.5 Instances
Exp with your class **Very Important**Anyway, if it sounds like something you would like to know more PM me in Game Spunked and we will see what you have. Trust me, may sound like a lot of need this or that and no fun, but we have a blast, and those who are working to up their ranks, hate failing 4.5 instances will understand this! Look forward to hearing from everyone.

LOST VOICES is looking for new members. We are a Level 2 legion just starting out. This is an extremely casual legion – we have no activity requirement. In fact, we cater to the less active players who want to join a legion, but maybe can’t meet the activity requirements for some of the established legions due to real life requirements.We have members taking college classes, who have work and/or family responsibilities, and the like. I, myself, have health problems. So it doesn’t matter how active you are – you can still join! All we ask is that you be willing to help other members, if you are able, and that you are respectful of other members.If you are interested in joining, or have any questions, please PM me – Ailethiya – in game.


We are a small legion that came from WarHammer when it shut down in December. We are called “Silver Bows”. While most of us are still pretty low level, two of us are in the high 50’s and are hoping to get some good RvR action.We have decided that the two of us alone are not going to be able to do much, so we would like to take our two high levels out of the legion and join a large, active RvR legion.We are “mature” (read “old”) players with a lot of RvR experience in DaoC and WarHammer. We usually play from around 6PM to 10PM Pacific time, with 7-9 being the core play time — i.e., we are almost always on between 7 and 9 PM Pacific time.

While we are hard core RvR players, we are pretty laid back and easygoing and not looking for a legion where winning is everything — we like it when everyone has fun.

I (Bognor) am a templar and the other player is a chanter.

Please let me know in game if you are interested in having us in your legion.

Visit us at for more information.
Vibrance is a guild founded under the basic principles of equality, community, understanding, and accomplishment. The primary goal of our guild is to provide a friendly, enjoyable, and unique experience to all members regardless of any and all differing creeds. This is stated because we want those who read this to be aware that our guild will strive together towards creating a comfortable environment for everyone. With that being said, we also want to create a sense of community and belonging among our guild for social players. Acceptance of the differences of others is important both personally and in policy. You can continue to read more about our mission at our website.
About us

One of the many reasons that people join guilds is to communicate with other players. We provide our members with 3 primary ways of communication in addition to in-game chat: website communication (forums, messaging, etc.), TeamSpeak 3 (voice & text chat), and social media (our Facebook group). Allow me to state now that members are not required to use voice chat and text chat within our guild through TeamSpeak 3, but any of our members who do not make use of TeamSpeak 3 will not be able to progress very far in our guild’s ranking system.Vibrance is targeted for both casual and hardcore players alike. We appreciate all aspects of the game, including both PvP and PvE. We do our best to cater to as many playing styles as possible.We reward our members for participation in our events and within our community for outstanding contributions. These rewards are presented and displayed through profile awards on our website, in-game prizes, and more. Some of the events we host include trivia, karaoke, raffles, art contests, and more.

Each experienced member of our guild’s team of volunteer staff is determined to help make sure the journey that Vibrance travels along goes smoothly and efficiently. We invite you and your friends to join us on our journey while we work together to create new and lasting connections, learn from each other, and most importantly have fun!

By applying to join our guild, you are agreeing to our Rules. Please make sure you understand them! If you have any questions, please contact us on this thread and we’ll get back to you soon. You can apply for membership at our website.

World of Tanks: Clans recruiting

world of tanks

So world of Tanks is a cool warfare based mmo. It doesn’t get the recognition of bigger MMOs like Wow or Guild Wars 2, but it has its loyal followings, even in the blogosphere. In fact, I believe for a while, Tobold wrote extensively about his adventures in the game. Here is an old review of the game from the GameSpot folks, in case you never read or heard about the game.

Now that the intros are out of the way, time to do what we do best at the mmoguildreport, that is match up players with guilds. Only in WOT, the guilds are known as “clans” kinda weird, but not really, it’s all the same, players grouped to play together and put the social side on the mmo equation. So without further ado, here are some players looking for the right clans:

Raging Cannons is a relatively new clan with a majority of our members having success. Our clans’ mission statement is to participate in clan wars while building up our community roster and getting better at internet Tanks together. We’re currently recruiting players with end game skill and multiple tier 10 Tanks. The majority of our players come from other Clan Wars clans, but wanted to have a fresh start. We are an active clan looking to do Clan Wars with a raidcall server where you won’t find it difficult to find people to platoon with.

The following are the requirements for Raging Cannons

  • Atleast one tier 9 or 10 Tank.
  • Raidcall
  • Be active atleast 3 days a week
  • Participate in Clan Wars
  • Willing to fight clans that are better than us
  • 18+ (If you’re chill exceptions can be made)
  • Have a sense of humour and tolerate occasional trolling.

We will platoon with people who are interested in joining R_C, you can message the following players and we’ll discuss recruitment with you!

Ironman21j Commander

RISE85 Deputy Commander

100Smoke Deputy Commander

hssingh0172 Deputy Commander

jchap Deputy Commander

Ambassador_Of_Lulz Recruiter

Lt_John_Elise Recruiter

Message one of those players for Raidcall server

Apply here!

Our clan is filled with really nice folks, we may be a very small clan now, but we are a strong community!

We’re an active clan! Join, have some fun, meet some new people! See you on the battlefield!
We are a gaming community set up primarily around World of Tanks.

We are here to have fun in a mature, no drama  atmosphere.

We are regulars in Clan Wars.

If you think you have what it takes fill out an application and one of our recruiters will get back to you:

Register at the website and fill out an   Application Here

or click on the recruitment tab near top of any page of our website to get to the application.

Team speak 3 Address:

We hope to see you in battle soon!!!!!

DZNTS (The Black List) is actively recruiting members for our clan. We are a group that is very strong and plays very well together. We are currently active in CW and we play every night. Our current location on CW map is up in southern Alaska area. Take a look see what you think. The requirements for recruitment are as follows, 

Must be 18+

Must have 4+ CW Tanks

Must have above 51% win rate

Must have about 1500 WN8

Must be active for CW at least 3 nights a week

These are a guide line everyone will be looked at individually and evaluated as such. You T10s tanks are where I want to see your best stats and know you have a clue what you are doing in them.

If this sounds like a good Clan for you join us on TS and talk to an officer about joining.

War Wolves:

Come Join the Wolf Pack, We are a growing clan that are looking for Mature and Respectful Tankers that are interested in Platooning, Team Battles, Company Battles and Tournaments. We are a casual clan that want players that are looking for a relaxed atmosphere with no pressure.

Our Requirements are simple

1- Must be 21 or over
2- Must have Team Speak 3 installed on your PC and a Headset
3- Must be on Team Speak during prime time hours at night
4- Must play the game at least 3 times a week
5- Must have at least a Tier 6 tank for Company Battles
6- Must have respect for your clan mates and the enemy team, Trash talking will not be tolerated
7- Must have a sense of humor, it is just a game have fun

What we can offer you

1- 2 secure Team Speak 3 servers, So we always have comms
2- A website with a ton of info on the game
3- Training Rooms
4- The greatest group of Tankers in the game

Here is a link to our Website so you can check us out and if you are interested in joining us click on Recruitment and fill out the application.

Warlords of Draenor ruminations


Hello. Can’t believe the guild report has been off for almost a month. I do apologize but the usual distractions (work, grad school, sleep) have prevented me from blogging more often. But never fear, the report is coming back strong. Today I wanted to focus on Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, and why I have decided to come back to the fold, at least for the time being.

Truth be told, I got bored of wow’s linear trajectory. Questing is pretty uneventful in this mmo as many players I am sure are fully aware. I don’t mind grinding for gear and items, but I do find it boring to go from zone to zone depending on your race. Since I am mostly a horde player, I was leveling my main (paladin Tauren goes by the name of HolyBovine) but I didn’t get very far.

Now that the next expansion is set to drop, I thought it might be interesting to switch factions for an alt and try Draenei Hunter. One of the things that has always impressed me and hooked me about wow is how much care Blizzard has put into their game’s lore, and I am sure that I am not the only wow nerd out there who feels the same. Yes, they are bastards for essentially continuing to charge for a 10 year old mmo when there are so many good f2p games out there now, but that is neither here nor there. I was having fun the other night breezing through the Draenei start zone, which is very colorful, or at least a brief escape from the somewhat drab hues of the Horde zones.

Shifting gears a bit, for the next few weeks I will endeavor to hook up more guild players with guilds in less traditional mmos since there are plenty of mainstream guilds out there recruiting for Final Fantasy XIV and GW2.

Will also be putting up some Q&As with some guild leaders in the weeks to come from various games, so look out for them!