Roll Call 1/3/2014

pvp gear

Happy New Year guildies, here are more guilds looking for members in 2014!

DDO: The Brotherhood of Redemption

We are a guild of mature players who are dedicated to treating others with compassion, respect and of course having fun! New and seasoned players are welcome to join our ranks!

The BoR was founded at the very beginning of DDO – Alpha Release in 2005. We have a mix a both new and old players, high and low levels, first life and multiple TRs.
We change gears a lot from smelling the roses to zooming through quests – depending on the group’s mood.

We are primarily from the US Eastern/Central time zone, but have members from Australia and Europe – our members are found on line most times of the day.
We leverage our guild website / calendar to organize activities.

What are the benefits of joining BoR?

1) Bacon! Yes we have an entire guild forum thread dedicated to Bacon dishes as well as other meaty goodies – with pictures!

2) Help you meeting your in-game questing goals. We can’t always be there every night, use of guild calendar makes scheduling questing easy.

3) We maintain an active guild website. One stop shopping for game news, character build / gear discussions / questing aids / guild crafting / guild haggle bard / bacon making ideas!

4) A fully maintain guild airship with amenities and supply/ trading chests! (LV 70 as of this post)

5) Members share tearable puns and cheesy jokes – often like a broken sword, most don’t have much of a point .

What the BoR asks from you!

1) Treat DDO players and BoR members with Respect! To read and agree to the guild rules and have fun!

2) Understanding that this is a game – we all have lives outside of DDO and in game goals – we cannot be there for every quest every day. Willingness to group in and occasionally form PUG groups.

3) If possible, contribute to the guild events, trading chest, and bacon cooking knowledge. You must be able to hear and understand spoken English – a microphone is preferred, but not mandatory.

4) Although not required, try to group with fellow guild members when convenient. Report annoyances or problems to officers as soon as possible – then get back to having fun!

5) Visit our guild website often to keep up with guild events and game news!

If you would like to join, both steps are required.

1. Review our website and sign up there

2. In-game you may ask any of our members to alert an officer, or send in-game mail to Propane.

Our main Guild site is here:

Sign up page:…GuildID=318509

World of Warcraft

<Defenestrate> is a US-Based Horde guild on Blackrock, a high pop, horde dominated, LA data center based server. We have a very tight-knit core group that has been together for over 4 years now, and are still going strong in Mists of Pandaria. All in all, we are both a very fun loving guild, and a progression oriented guild. We know when its time to have fun and when its time to get our serious faces on and clear content. Even though we only raid 3 nights per week, we still have always managed to clear all available content in a timely fashion, often ahead of many guilds that raid significantly more than us.
Application Template:

Current Progression:
14/14 HC SoO

Past Progression:
Tier 16 ~ US 18
Tier 15 ~ US 11
Tier 14 ~ US 16
Tier 13 ~ US 27
Tier 12 ~ US 51
Tier 11 ~ US 80
Tier 10 ~ US 89
*Heroic: Glory of the Icecrown Raider Achieved 04/07/10*
*Heroic: Glory of the Ulduar Raider Achieved 08/27/09*
*Glory of the Ulduar Raider Achieved 06/06/09*
*Heroic: A Tribute to Immortality Achieved*(World #17)

Our current 25 man raid schedule is as follows:
Tuesday 6-11 p.m. PDT
Wednesday 6-11 p.m. PDT
Thursday 6-11 p.m. PDT
Rarely, and only if we are very close to a kill do we ever add any extra days/hours (has only happened once this xpac).

We are currently looking for the following classes:
Death Knight (Medium): 1 DPS
Druid (VERY HIGH): 1 Feral, 1 Moonkin
Monk (High): 1 Mistweaver
Paladin (VERY HIGH): 1 Holy
Priest (HIGH): 1 Disc/Holy, 1 Shadow
Warlock (VERY HIGH): 2

These are the classes we are currently actively searching for, however WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR EXCEPTIONAL APPLICANTS OF EVERY CLASS!! If you feel you are amazing at your class and what you do, regardless of what our needs currently are, we’d love to hear from you.

If you’re interested you can apply at our website ( or feel free to contact myself in-game on Newsh for more information. You can also contact us on AIM/Email/Skype if you have any further questions about the guild.

Contact Information:
AIM: jNewsham456
SKYPE: jNewshamz
BTAG(GM): Newsh#1616
BTAG(Officer): Arknik#1588

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