Dark Age of Camelot Community


Community. That’s what puts the multi-massively into the mmo acronym and that is what also makes being a part of a guild so much fun. If you can play an mmo that you enjoylife is great, but if you can interact with the game’s community and find a suitable guild/community to join in such game then so much the  better.

Being a poor mmo guild reporter, I cannot always afford to pay for more than one game sub, so I jump from game to game. For the time being I am sticking with the venerable but solid DAoC, at least until I can afford to get me a new rig that will handle the new shiny mmorpgs of today like Wildstar and Final Fantasy XIV. Heck, on this machine, I can’t even run Neverwinter in high settings.

But I digress, I have written about Dark Age of Camelot and its alleged successor in the past, but if you want to read an excellent blog about the game then check out http://daoc.eaderbreca.com. Eadebreca does an awesome job of updating gamers on this old but excellent mmo.

Mythic has made some changes to DAoC and New Frontiers and here is some information on those changes that new and old players will all find helpful. These come compliments of Etaw’s excellent DAoC blog.

Presently I belong to a DAoC pvp server on the ywain cluster of servers, but I am looking to find one with more active guilds recruiting players, I only have one character maxed out, but am well on my way to a second, so I will be looking to join a good DAoC guild soon, probably as soon as I am done with the battlegrounds or sooner. If anyone is on ywain 1, my toon is named Odinsfavorite, currently level 19 and I occasionally do take otu my 50 berzerker Ogmorvag out for a run trying to  level up master levels.

Getting back to the issue of community, the community at DAoC could not be better. Last night I was running around with my brand new skald and since I had never tried that class before, I was pretty noobish. Luckily I had the help of a German player who seemed extremely delighted to see a new player and who went out of his way to help me with some of the ins and outs of speccing a Skald character. Very cool. I don’t know if something like this could ever happen in World of Warcraft, though an excellent game in itself, their community has a bad rap for being less than helpful, and these days you rarely see players on the game world except for capital cities and in pvp battle zones.

Tomorrow I will go back to listing some more mmorpg players in search of guilds. Till then, I hope everyone is having a good end to 2013.

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