Guild Roll Call 12/23/13

Welcome to this week’s guild roll call, where we bring you news and events from the guilds across the internet and across all games.

STO (Star Trek Online)

Starfleet Task Force 1 is a Star Trek Online Federation Fleet that was formed on star date 91063.13 (16 June 2013) and has grown to almost 500 members. According to their site, members are from all corners of the world and of all walks of life. Their facilities include a Tier IV Starbase and a fully upgraded Dilithium Mine.

Starfleet Task Force 1 operates in a “no pressure” environment; it is the guild’s goal that Fleet Personnel have fun playing Star Trek Online first and foremost. Starfleet Task Force 1 completely understands that the real-world comes first. This is the core tenant of Starfleet Task Force 1 and their sister Klingon Defense Force Fleet,The House of Martok.

Starfleet Task Force 1 Winter Giveaway:
The Holidays are upon us, and to celebrate this glorious time of year the Starfleet Task Force 1 stores will be open to all fleet members for a total of two (2) hours on Christmas Day (December 25, 2013). The first time slot will be from 18:00 – 19:00 Fleet Time. The second time slot will be from 23:00 – 00:00 Fleet time.During this event, provision requisitions will NOT be required. While the store is open, you are able to take what you need. All fleet members are welcome to one of the two events. You will only be limited by the amount of Dilithium and Fleet Credits you have earned up to this point.

The Black Watch (Multi-gaming)

The Black Watch is an established multi-gaming community. They describe themselves as a mature, tight-knit and easy going group. Their members are said to be friendly, helpful, and range from casual to hardcore. They are accepting of anyone who shares their core values of teamwork and community. They have active groups in World of Warcraft, Star Trek Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Diablo 3, and Starcraft 2. In each game they have the same goal: To build a thriving community and tackle end-game content be it PvE or PvP. Whether you have been playing MMOs for years or if this is your first guild, TBW welcomes ALL who share a passion for gaming in a productive environment. Elitists need not apply.

Although they strive to push the edge of content in every game they enter, the BW also understands that real life always takes precedent over the game. You dictate your playtime and your play style. They boast of members in every US timezone as well as some in EU.

The Black Watch offers:
-An established, active, and helpful membership-
-Competent, fair, and experienced leadership-
-Voice Servers (Ventrillo and Mumble)-
-Regular PvE and PvP groups-
-Active and informative forums-
If you are interested in joining The Black Watch, please register here and choose the game you are interested in playing

Sinister Swarm (multi-gaming)

The Sinister Swarm is a multi-platform gaming community designed for building lasting friendships in a fun, mature, organized environment. According to their history page, they originally started in Team Fortress Classic in 1999 under the name of the SLAYER clan with the likes of Terminator, Viper, Wolfie, Venom,and many others who played a key part in the beginnings of the community that exists today. They became known for their Dust Bowl league play, and had countless hours dedicated to mastering that map.

In 2000, Viper & Venom started playing Everquest and tried joining several different guilds. However, they never found any guild that could live up to their expectations. They looked for organization, structure, group activities, maturity, strong leadership, and some level of camaraderie. Yet they found nothing that even came close. So, they began to list all the things that they would do differently if they were the ones running the guild. Soon they had everything planned out in great detail, and gave birth to the Sinister Swarm Everquest chapter!They looked for a name fitting the group:

And then Swarm… a swarm is not viewed as any single entity or individual. It consists of a vast number of moving parts all working together in perfect synchronization to accomplish their goal. There is no pride or ego in a swarm. Each member works towards the greater good and betterment of the swarm as a whole. Each member of the unit is willing to sacrifice themselves for the swarm without hesitation. As such, their colors and ranks were also generated from this theme. So black and gold were an obvious choice.

For more info visit:

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