Guild of the Week: Lux Arcana

Our guild of the week feature will run every Sunday and we will spotlight a specific guild every week.

This week, our “guild of the week” is Lux Arcana. Lux Arcana is a multi-game guild currently playing Darkfall: Unholy Wars, Guild Wars 2 and Vanguard. As an active MMO community, they say they are always evaluating new games and getting involved in Beta testing when they can, and so they hope to add more games to this list over the coming year.

Lux Arcana first got started in Everquest II (eq2 or everquest2) in 2004, and has since gone on to be very successful in Vanguard, Darkfall, Lord of the Rings Online, Star WArs: The Old Republic and now more recently Guild Wars 2.

This is member Ashreon’s video of Lux Arcana defeating the Primal Ifrit in hard mode!!

For more info on the guild or to request membership please

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