Orien Server DDO guilds looking to recruit


The guild report is back! Well, now that Massively has focused on helping players hook up with guilds, it seems they are mostly focusing on Final Fantasy XIV, which makes sense since a lot of people are playing that game now. In fact, I would venture to say it is the surprise mmorpg hit of 2013. Nevertheless, there are other mmos out there and people still playing them aren’t there?

This week we focus on DDO.

We still play DDO from time to time, especially nowadays when we have little time to invest in a hard-core mmo like wow. Therefore, we will start with the Orien server because that’s the server we have a few characters in.

According to the forums, If you’re looking for a guild where you can be relaxed, learn and enjoy the game, Supremacy is the place for you! It is currently a level 41 guild looking to build the game up says user Wasaw. Interested players should send mail to Supremebeing or Destroyall.

Thanks to user Atremus, we also have an updated list of Orien server guilds and their latest status. These were current as of this month.

NAME: Blood Bath and Beyond
TYPE: relaxed Raiders
SIZE: Small
REQUIREMENTS: Need a Ok from a guild Officer.
TYPICAL PLAY TIMES: all the time. the majority of guild seems to play 6pm est-1am est
CONTACT(S): Massivheals , Massivsponge
DESCRIPTION: We are gearing for guild only runs in the future but so far are using channels to fill and rarely but sometimes using the LFM. no set raid schedule atm.

NAME:Epic Fail
TYPE: One of the oldest Guilds on Orien
REQUIREMENTS: Do unto others as you want done unto you!
DESCRIPTION: Click Me For Information

NAME: Gimpfest
TYPE: Raiding guild
SIZE: Small
REQUIREMENTS: At least one EE ready character
CONTACTS: Shixing/Shixinna, Xristoss/Christalph, Clavus/Urdr
DESCRIPTION: Gimpfest is a small (mostly) Euro-based guild trying to have fun together. If you are playing DDO in European evening hours (GMT +1) and you have interest in joining us feel free to contact us thru ingame mail or our website.
Currently we are looking for all character classes. Some people quit playing, some are temporarilly off and we need to find “new blood” in order to keep raids going.
Guild level is 100.
WEB SITE: http://gimpfest.guildportal.com

NAME: Forgotten League
TYPE: Normal leaning Casual but we do raid successfully
SIZE: Medium
REQUIREMENTS: Be nice to thy party
CONTACTS: Thau and Alts or Dasixers
DESCRIPTION: http://forgottenleague.guildportal.com/

NAME: Naughty Desires
TYPE: Laid-Back
SIZE: Medium
REQUIREMENTS: Be Respectful of others, Be More Epic.
CONTACT(S): Quentyn, Elythana, Alythana.
DESCRIPTION: We are a laid-back guild that tries to help each other and our allied guilds out whenever we can. We occasionally run raids, have an assortment of casual to hardcore players. Our recruiting policy at present is tentatively open. We are not actively seeking new members but if you think you would be a good fit and are looking for a guild, we will consider it.

NAME: Prismatic People
TYPE: Casual rp, casual play
SIZE: 7 active 2 inactive
REQUIREMENTS: Get an invite or an Ok from either Veriden, Arlannis, Kaderin or know us from outside of ddo.
TYPICAL PLAY TIMES: No set schedule, mostly evenings est.
CONTACT(S): Veriden, Kaderin, Arlannis, Etani
DESCRIPTION: We’ve been around since November 9th remaining small the entire time, just how we like it. Naturally we have had some come and go as all guilds have. Typically we mess around for lols (not so much trolling or anything harmful) or have light rp during quests. Don’t let the casualness of the guild fool you though, We run hox, vod, and shrouds regularly in 2-5 man groups.

NAME: Six Demon Bag
SIZE: Small, static
REQUIREMENTS: Not recruiting
TYPICAL PLAY TIMES: Typically evenings, 7PM ET through to 12AM ET
CONTACT(S): Celtiva, Metalbone, Alihana
DESCRIPTION: We’re a small, static guild consisting of 6 RL friends. While we are not likely going to recruit anytime in the near future, we are happy to forge friendly alliances with other guilds for filling raid or questing parties.