Guild Roll call 1


I am set to get started where the magazine left off and I think that one good starting point is to revisit or examine how many of the guilds are still active from Spring 2012.  I will start with Mortal Voyage from DDO on the Argonnessen server and find out what the guild has been up to in-game. Here is a link to their website. Basically,  as described by MOG, “MV is a mature guild of players who enjoy gaming in challenging environments similar to paper and pencil campaigns.” In other words, they enjoy gaming that’s close to the D&D role playing game, I am assuming 3.5 edition as that’s what DDO is based on.

Are they still welcoming new players? Do they still have a permadeth ruleset? What have they been up to in Argonnessen? These are the questions I will attempt to answer.


Some swear that wow is dying, others are happily raiding in Pandaria, no doubt off executing Garrosh Hellscream. Whatever the case, there are numerous guilds in wow that are of interest. I shall feature DeadMoon on the Sisters of Elune Server. Can this be your new guild on wow? Well DeadMoon was described by the last issue of MOG as “a casual, family friendly leveling guild looking for mature people.” Wow has been accused by some as being a breeding ground mmo for immature kids and griefers. I am not here to judge but to try and unite people, so it will be interesting to catch up with the folks at DeadMoon and see what they have been up to in Blizzard’s mammoth mmo.


Finally, I shall attempt to get in touch with the officers of Realm Guardians. Their website seems to suggest they have moved away from playing RIFT (although I am not sure if they are still looking for people in that game since it went f2p) and are active in both GW2 and DOTA2. I shall get to the bottom of what they are up to and how they treat recruits.

That should keep me busy for a while guild enthusiasts!! Until then, guildreporter signing off.

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