ArcheAge Guilds Ready to Launch



Hello there!

The Guild Report is back from our summer hiatus.

We are getting ready for the ArcheAge launch and as such, this coming weekend and throughout the open beta we are going to be featuring ArcheAge guilds on the game’s servers.

Aranzeb (East)

Twin Crimson Blades

This guild is active in Guild Wars 2, PoE, Warframe and now are gearing up for the release of ArceAge.

From the forums: “Our main focus is starting up on Archeage and getting our Galleon and trade ship 1st. The privileges will mainly be assisting in Trade runs and run with as many packs as possible. For now, this is our top priority for the 4-day head start and launch.”

Pete [Anrothan Aimhirghin] is the co-creator and leader of this guild which he describes as a PvX guild. “We offer a helping hand to anyone who is willing to help all the “Noobs” and Nubs of the game and extend a helping hand to anyone who is willing to work with us.” he writes.

We will be going to Aranzeb for the official release, specifically east faction. The guild’s main focus is to create a trade ship and trade cart to expedite our income for gear and farms. For more info on this, please PM me via STEAM to Anrothan. There are weekly and/or monthly events that happend within the guild.  The winners will also be posted on the guild page at


According to their website, Addiction is a high end raiding and pvp guild with 207 active members averaging in age of 29 years old and an acceptance rate o 29%. The Guild has participated in RIFT, Wildstar and Darkfall, amidst other mmos and is now forming in ArcheAge. More info. can be found here

Dracos Inebrius

Dracos Inebrius was founded in 2000 on Asheron’s Call’s Solclaim server. The guild has roots in PvE and PvP . They are dedicated to their members and help them in every way. Over the years the guild has gained and lost members as they have moved on to explore other venues. Now with the closing of content on Asheron’s Call and the loss of so many members over it, the founder has decided to move to ArcheAge.

They claim the guild will have a Teamspeak 3 Server in the coming weeks for all members to comunicate with channels for every aspect of play,the only rule is please keep language to a G rating untill 10 pm. The guild’s application can be found here. and more information is available on the official website.



More Rift Players Looking to Group

RIFT logo

Returning Player – Mage Looking For Guild (Deepwood)
Hello everyone!

I recently returned to the game last week and have been looking to be part of a guild and its community since. I have not been very successful in my search. I am a casual player in RIFT, very laid back and friendly. I absolutely love raiding, though I never truly got my hand into it. I would like to. I can be either a casual or hardcore player, and fulfill my role steadily and seriously; but I prefer to be around casual players as they tend to be more relaxed and not so uptight, and won’t shout at other people. I don’t care for that one bit and I certainly won’t tolerate it.

A little bit about my character:
-I have 442 hit
-I have not yet parsed but last time I did I was pulling around 9-10k dps. Decent enough to carry myself in TDQ and FT.
-I am working hard on my Torvan and Lycini rep.
-I have multiple roles, including other dps specs, support, and a healing spec.
-I am primarily a DPSer but I can be a healer as well, if guided into the right direction.

Again, I am a very casual and laid back player. I love running experts and I love raiding, and I want to be part of a friendly environment guild and run through the raids with them. I don’t care if we are doing a 10 man or a 20 man – I will be quite happy just seeing content. I am currently on Deepwood and cannot transfer for another week, but I will transfer servers if need be.


I have a rogue, mage, cleric. Rogue was always my main, but I also preferred ranged when DPSing so assuming ranged is still bent over the table, the other classes are on the table. Played dps halfway through chocolate, then tanked until SL, then back to dps until I got bored and quit. Haven’t played since the SL T2 10 man, IIRC.

Looking to ease back in casually to start. May end up raiding, but probably not 12+ hours a week like I used to, unless 3.0 turns out to be quite a bit more fun that I expect.

Raid times during the week would need to start no earlier than 3 server and end no later than 8 server. Weekend hours are pretty much open.

Additionally, nothing dictates I have to stay on Deepwood.


New to Rift – Level 19 Mage/Necromancer

Hi everyone!I’m looking for a guild.

I’m new to this and so I am looking for a guild that is willing to spend time with someone fairly new and help them figure things out.

I don’t know all the technical jargon, etc. but one of my favorite things to do in Rift are…well…Rifts!

I am actually looking for a guild that spends time getting to know their members. That would be nice. A close-knit group that doesn’t mind bringing others in. Anyway, lemme know!

P.S. – I’m not a tank. I usually go the DPS route. O_o Which is weird for mages I guess, but that’s how I like to play.

Guild Roll Call: Everquest 2

Hello there. I know it has been too long since the Guild Report has updated on a regular basis. I am guilty of letting personal circumstances interfere with serving the function of guild recruitment information.

However, that will no longer be the case, now that graduate school is ending there is more time with matching up guilds with players. I think this is more important than ever with older mmorpgs which don’t have the exposure of games like FFIXV or ESO. However, we will post info on all guild recruitments for as many games as needed.

This week the Guild Report is focusing on Everquest 2 and DDO. Everquest 2 specifically is still a viable alternative to Landmark or any of the other SOE games which are not f2p or which have a higher populations of players.

I re-discovered my 14th level warlock and also created a new toon, a 10th level barbarian at the moment, and I have joined the Lords of Pain on the Nagafen Server on EQ2.

Everquest 2 Guilds Looking for Players:

Shadowstake writes: Lords of Pain is looking for util, heals, and mage dps for casual raid. We are on naggy (Nagafen) server, which is good for raiding because the low population so you will have a chance at being on top for progression, which are in top 3, and have chance at avatars. Also because of bgs, and low pop, open world pvp is very uncommon, and can almost be avoided if not your thing, or be found if it is. Take a look at our website

Meanwhile, Noobtroub reports that Validus on Splitpaw server are recruiting the following,

High Priority – Coercer
Medium Priority – Dirge Troub Illusionist
Low Priority – Tank

We may also consider applications from exceptional players whose class is not listed.

We raid 4 days a week Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, raids start at 1900 GMT 2000 CET and end at 2300 GMT 0000 CET.

Applicants are expected to have:
– Level 95 with Myth buff.
– 350 aa and proper AA spec(s).
– A majority of your abilities should be of Master level. We expect you to work actively on finishing up this part if you still miss some.
– Preferably gear good enough to be of use and to let us evaluate your full potential. Your gear should be properly adorned. We are not afraid to gear up potential recruits, but lack of gear generally points toward lack of experience. Make sure to convince us you are worth the effort in your application.
– Have all expacs flagged
– Attendance of 75% each month.
– Good knowledge of your class.
– Mature personality and minimal ego.

If you have any questions or require more info contact Splitpaw.Ashwind or Splitpaw.Channy in game and/or visit us at our website

Rose from the Order of the White Rose guild writes:
Order of the White Rose recruiting:
• All Access
• FTP (Free to Play)
• Silver
• All Classes & Levels
• Alts always welcome

We are a family friendly guild; therefore we keep guild chat clean. Our number #1 rule is to have fun. We do allow members under the age of 16 only if their parent is a member of the guild or applying with their children. We teach and help those who need it, when possible. We do not power level members. We do not require raiding, but we do have alliances to raid with. Our T3 beautiful guild hall is complete with the amenities you need to level, adventure, travel & more.

Established: 2006
Location: Permafrost Server
• (Use Antonica docks for guild bell)
• (Originally on Mistmoore server before the merge)
Guild Level: 95
Alignment: Combined — Good, Evil, Neutral
Rank System: Guild members earn ranks through guild status

Visit: (for more info and to learn more about our history)
Send /tell to any of our members logged in game for an invite, or use guild icon tool if able.

If progression raid guild is your cup of tea, Kontrolling updated ’s info for the AB Server:

The guild is recruiting to fill it’s ranks with raider’s…no worries plenty of time to Quest and Level you to 50!!!
I Kontrolling is also looking for officer’s to help support me with strategy and so on, were still in the early stages of just getting the guild filled so, come join us! Please send me an in game mail or a tell… I’m on late afternoon’s/evenings 6pm-10pm CST.. Raids will be Friday and Saturday.
We are in lvl60 content.. for a few more weeks finishing up signature raid progression quest lines.. We are accepting key specific players we have a strong core, please send a /who all expedition to any of our recruits for an invite and we will get you on your way!!! (filling up group 4 of our raid force, before entering next lvl uncap of 70 (kos)

wow raiding guilds looking for members

world of warcraft logs

wow expansions

We are a 10m raiding guild whose had roots in hard mode progression.
As of current we are 14/14 normal, 9/14 Heroic .
We have really weird raid times, a mix of Late night with early afternoon.
We are really laid back on easy content but we get down and serious on progression content.

We are currently recruiting any players with some hard mode experience for Warlords of draenor.
Current Item level is irrelevant, if you have some strong heroic experience during relevant content we want you. We currently have a 13 person core roster for mythics, so any groups are welcome to come in bundle packs. Please contact me for more info.

As for other inquiries We are currently trying to set up a second group for 10 mans, meaning any one of any item level is welcome to try and join our guild. The main reason for this second group is to increase our roster for WoD. We also would prefer if 1 person whose willing to lead the group join as well, as being the gm I can’t maintain both groups recruitment needs while trying to push our progression.
We are also looking for raiders interested in joining us for Mythic modes in WoD. They may be used as fillers or subbed in for SoO Heroic and Norm but we would like to bolster our raid roster for WoD to be prepared for Mythic Modes.
Our raid times are

Monday : 9 Pm Pst – 12 Am Pst.
Thursday : 9 Pm Pst – 12 Am Pst.
Sunday : 3 Pm Pst – 6pm pst.

ILvl isn’t extremely important to us. We can gear you, but we need a solid raider that can make those times and be able to commit.

Also heads up, we are very offensive, Vulgar and we joke around a lot. We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings so if you can’t take a joke or are kind of sensitive I wouldn’t suggest you contacting us.

Our 3rd or 4th Heroic Nazgrim Kill

Our first Heroic Immerseus kill

Our Normal Garrosh kill, incase you’re wondering what the raiding atmosphere is like.

Our guild website to app:
Contact me in game at: Apollexis#1142

DDO Permadeth gaming part 2

Dungeons and Dragons Online

courtesy of mmobomb

I had a night off so I decided to start my permadeth gaming career in DDO and chose to see if I could track down members of the PD Halls of Valhalla on the Ghallanda server. This guild may or may not be active as their boards haven’t shown a lot of recent activity of late, so I decided to investigate by rolling a character on the server and trying to reach their guild members in game.

According to their site, the group had very strict “Cannith Challenges” Rules including:

Granted Free Challenge Tokens are allowed
Crate drops are allowed
Challenge Items that drop in challenges are allowed
All Cannith Collectables are allowed to be collected
All Trade-ins available from collectibles are allowed

Not Allowed
Earning XP is not allowed in the challenges, this means either some one in the group is over level by 7 levels or your XP is capped, static groups only need 1 person capped
All Supply Box Chests must be destroyed without looting them
All items in the DDO store which effect challenges are not allowed

These challenges may be rerun as many times as you wish to earn the 5 star favor or the collectibles for trade in, have fun grinding these! All other guild rules regarding grouping still apply to these quests! SPECIAL NOTE: People within a static group can run these without the full group present as long as they meet the XP requirements, they are not allowed to run with other non-static group toons.

In future posts the mmoguild report will look at a few of the permadeth guilds in the various DDO servers and will also investigate other permadeth guilds in other mmorpgs. Should be a hoot and a half.


Extreme Explorers, permadething in DDO

I have not reported on DDO guilds in quite some time, something I will try to correct with this post. I have always been intrigued by the DDO Permadeth guilds. As defined by the Extreme Explorers guild on DDO,

PermaDeath simply means if your character dies, and there is no one in the party that can raise, you delete your character and roll up another one. It also means using wands, clickies and whatever else you have at your disposal to get through the tough situations presented.”

A great article on this topic was written for the defunct Massive Online Gamer magazine by Chris Molsbee in the summer of 2009.  You can read the piece here.

Extreme Explorers is the guild I have chosen to focus on because unlike a lot of the DDO guilds, they still manage to update fairly regularly and appear to be both active and recruiting. Their guild forums have a graveyard to honor dead characters, a place for tavern tales to tell stories about their members’ adventures, and a chat room to keep in touch with current members.

When I go back to playing DDO more regularly this summer, I plan to join a permadeth guild and give it a go. It’s an intriguing way to approach an mmo like DDO which has its own chracterisitics and intricacies based on the D&D 3.5 rules set.

Check out E.E.’s general rules for their guild:

Guild Laws:

* Entry into the guild requires that your character be 1st level.


1.  If you die you must quit the guild. (re-roll and join back up) {Your body may be looted}

2. Resurrection: You cannot use a shrine, hireling, raise cake* or  DDO store item to raise the dead.

3. Only players in your party at the time of death can raise you.

4. You may pass 1 item from your dead character to 1 new character (heirloom item.)

5. Obvious technology-related deaths i.e. deaths caused by lag or disconnection do not count as technological issues have nothing to do with gameplay ability or teamwork (this does only apply to the player lagging not any other party members). Hirelings that die during lag must stay dead though.
* (Cakes were previously allowed and some players may still have some – these are permitted.  No new raise cakes are being used.)
General Rules:

* Hirelings:  Hirelings ranging in level from 1-6 may be used (hirelings may be used by any class level–but the hireling level can not exceed 6) Strict rule here: People before hirelings! ALSO If a hireling dies in a quest it is done. It can not be resurrected or reused.

* In this guild you may trade items between any players that are not your own as long as you are within three levels (i.e. no xp hit range) of the other player.  This may not be done repeatedly IE: level 10->7 then 7->4 with the same item.These rules also apply in regards to looting dead bodies.

No twinking (Passing passing items or money between any of your characters with the sole exception of one heirloom.)

* Special Events: During special events where enemies and items/xp are present, deaths count.

* No Zerging (Running off on your own.)

* No player may leave a quest for supplies and come back in. If a player must leave a quest for supplies, the quest must be reset and started over. HOWEVER, if someone new logs on and is coming into the quest it is ok to ask them to bring arrows, etc.

* All Classes, races and builds welcome

* Work as a team

*True Resurrection: We are currently considering TR. –rule forthcoming…

Gaining officer status: Will be awarded as need merits.

Auction House:  You may use the Auction house to buy and sell (you may not use the Astral Shard version). However when selling you may not sell the item for above the base value. And DO NOT use your alts to list items way under value so that your PD character can scoop it up.  The Auction house may not be used as a source of income/profit.


Guild of the Week: Omani Winter

Everquest guild

Omaniwinter in action

We continue to look a Everquest progression guilds.

Our guild of the week is Omani Winter.

According to their site, Omani Winter is a progression based, family oriented guild. Their focus is to maintain a steady path of progression through the game, without sacrificing  core family values. To accomplish this goal, they strive to promote the highest possible member performance, while maintaining a manageable level of raid participation requirements.

Guild members are encouraged not only to help one another achieve the highest level of performance in the group atmosphere through flags, experience and gear, but are also encouraged to help one another achieve the highest possible performance level in the raid setting through effective communication and education. Guild members are also encouraged to maintain and cultivate their family atmosphere both in game and out.

In short, members say they enjoy the game and enjoy winning, but they also make it a point enjoy each other.

Omani Winter raids on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 8PM ET and Saturdays and Sundays at 7PM ET. According to the forums, They are currently raiding T4 RoF and T1 CoTF.

Click this link to visit the Omani Winter Forum if you want to register there.  The “Leave a Reply” below is optional.

Throwback Thursday: More Everquest Progression Guilds

Everquest progression guilds

courtesy of Pandemonium progression guild

Here we go with more Everquest progression guilds looking to recruit. Who knew that in 2014 people are still playing the original Everquest? I guess much like Dark Age of Camelot and other classic mmorpgs, Everquest’s fan base has not diminished.

According to the Elite Gamers Lounge forum, what follows is a listing of EQ progression guilds looking to recruit.

Echoes In Eternity

Founded at the Dreadlands Spires on June 6, 2000, Echoes In Eternity is one of the oldest active raiding guilds from Everquest’s Rodcet Nife, which was then merged into the Quellious, and subsequently the Povar Server. From it’s inception, EiE maintains a proud tradition of pursuing end-game content while keeping a fun, relaxed, and professional approach to raiding.

Guild Vision:
Echoes in Eternity is a tight-knit community of mature adults. We have a small but active active player base. Getting to know your fellow guild mates is important to us, both while you are an applicant and a member. We have fun, but we focus on accomplishing our goals. When we achieve our goals, we return to our favorite guild past times of troll-baiting, gnome-bashing, and rezzing rangers.

We are a raiding guild focused on progression. We are currently working on the raid progression line of the Call of the Forsaken expansion while farming Rain of Fear.

Application requirements:
If you are a “high play time” individual dedicated to raiding top tier content on the Povar server, please contact any officer (Chania, Ferriciean, Dimleelit, Suntuz or Ventrix) in game.

We evaluate each applicant individually based on their experience, drive, and the current needs of the guild.  We are currently recruiting skilled, high playtime individuals for in the following classes:













Shadow Knight




If you’re serious about becoming a member of EiE, you should be level 100 with a high AA count. We are currently raiding RoF and CoTF.

Echoes in Eternity is open to cross-server applications.

 *Note:  Although a class may not be in high demand we will not discourage anyone from applying and if we feel they are exceptional player then we would evaluate it by a case by case basis at that time.

Echoes in Eternity is a raiding guild.  Our regular raiding schedule is Sundays from 5pm EST until Midnight EST, Mondays through Wednesday from 7pm EST until Midnight EST.  We have no formal raid requirement percentage for applicants or members.  However, you should attend as many raids as their play time permits; if the members do not know you, you will never get enough votes to gain membership.  We expect our members to be self sufficient.  You should be able to travel to raid zones efficiently and have the ability to gate, see invis, breathe underwater, levitate, shrink, and invis.  You must be able to move quickly from zone to zone and travel safely within required raid zones. You should have maps downloaded.

Posting Your Application:
Please use your character’s name to register on our message boards to post your application. When you post your application, write your character’s name, level, and class in the subject line.You may submit an application with answers to the following questions either
1) as a post on this forum, or
2) in a private message to an officer.

Please use this exact format and cut and paste the questions below to use for your application.

1) Provide a Magelo link and a summary of your character, including class, level, equipment level, and AAs.
2) What is your usual play time? (example: I usually play Monday to Wednesday 7pm to 11pm and weekends 3pm to midnight all EST.)
3) What are your past guilds and raid experience with each? What notable events have you participated in and what were your roles in each?
4) Why do you want to join Echoes in Eternity? How do you feel about our long and challenging application process?
5)What do you expect out of EiE membership? What can EiE expect out of you?
6) What were the high and low points of your EQ career?
7)Which, if any, EiE members or applicants do you know?
8 ) What zone keys and flags do you have?
9) Do you have anything else to say to support your application?

What Happens Next:
Shortly after you submit your application, an officer will contact you about your application.  We will run a background investigation. Following a successful investigation, you will be interviewed by the officers and class leaders.   If you pass the background investigation and the interview, your application will be formally accepted. You will receive a provisional guild tag and have access to our alliance raid channel, appropriate class specific channels, and applicants only sections on the message boards.  As an applicant, it will be your responsibility to find a member sponsor. The member sponsor will decide when to submit you for the membership vote. This voting process can be lengthy and requires 75% of active members to vote “yes.”  Once you’ve received the necessary votes, your guild tag will become permanent and you will receive additional access and permissions to our websites.  During your application period you will earn and use points in our DKP system. Visit our DKP site to register an account and then speak with an officer about activating your account.


Insanity is a guild on the Firiona Vie server; a server in the Everquest game. We are a casual raiding and grouping guild. If interested in joining, please send a tell to any of our guild members; an officer or the guild leader (Gooshy) will get back to you shortly.


General Information…

    • Valhallah is a competitive raiding guild on the Firiona Vie server. We are currently raiding Call of the Forsaken T1A through T1B every Monday through Thursday, 8PM ET to 11PM ET.
    • At this time we are asking that applicants (and full members alike!) maintain a 50% raid attendance score at a minimum as we do understand that real life does tend to get in the way from time to time! Please note that this does not mean you get two days out of the week off; if you’re online and in-game you’re expected to raid.
    • IMPORTANT! If you don’t meet the requirements (listed below) to wear the Valhallah tag as an applicant, we would like to highlight the guild’s Prospect program that is detailed in this post. Please be aware that while you will be welcomed into the guild as a Prospect should your character not quite be up to speed, it’s very important to note that this program has its own set of rules and policies that are independent of those listed below. Please make sure you read and understand this process if you wish to wear the Valhallah guild tag as a Prospect.
  • If you have any questions about the applicant process, the prospect program or the guild in general, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any member of leadership listed below:
    • Guild Leader: Mallakhi
    • Raid Leader(s): Aldren, Rampagious
    • Caster Lead: Haste
    • Tank Lead: Nabtinn
    • Priest Lead: Pompome
    • Melee Lead: Zetterbergia
    • Officer(s): Morum, Repscallion

Loot rules…

    • Loot is determined by a council that distributes items based on merit. Factors taken into consideration include, but are not limited to, size of the upgrade, overall attendance, time lapsed since last loot and class priority (where applicable).
    • All of the above factors play a role in loot decisions, but the deciding factor is always attendance. If you fall below 50% attendance, expect to take a back seat for any and all loot considerations even after becoming a full member.
  • As an applicant, you are allowed to request to be considered for any and all loot items that are linked in /guildchat and /raidsay. Please note, however, that only in certain circumstances will you ever receive loot over full members that are asking for the same items. Such cases are rare and are on a case-by-case basis.

Requirements to be invited to the guild as an Applicant…

    • Be level 100 with a comfortable experience buffer
    • Have at least the number of automatically granted AAs for your class at L100. Please note that in order to become a Full Member, your AA count is expected to rise significantly from the bare, autogranted minimum and will be reviewed by the archetype leader for your class before promotion is awarded.
    • Have a love of the game that allows you to continually commit to progressing your main, raiding character. Commitment on the level of a progression raiding guild requires high play time, and we expect exactly that out of our members. If you cannot commit to progressing your character and playing often, please don’t waste your time.
    • Have an updated Magelo profile for your main character that you will be applying with (this is not a requirement for Prospects). This is not an optional piece of information when filling out your application and you are expected to keep it up-to-date throughout your applicant period. Please note that failure to include an updated, valid and non-private Magelo profile will result in the immediate demotion to the rank of Prospect. This will affect your eligibility for a /raidinvite each evening until you are capable of producing a profile that meets the requirements.
    • Have at least one form of each of the standard “Raid 101” utility functions (shrink, invisibility, fade and gate).
    • Be familiar with the GINA program for keeping track of event emotes and various audio triggers. GamTextTriggers and in-game audio triggers are also acceptable, but you are responsible for troubleshooting these on your own as Valhallah primarily uses GINA.
    • Be familiar with the Ventrilo program, which is a required tool for raiding with Valhallah. Speaking in it is not a requirement, but being on the server for raid time, however, is.
    • Have updated maps for every zone and the ability to get to the raid without dying.
    • Possess the ability to adapt, take instruction and follow instruction on a moment’s notice without hesitation.
  • Have the desire to be the best. No exceptions.

Requirements to be promoted to Full Member (the application process)…

    • Attend a minimum of six raid nights over any two-week time span.
      • Please note that you are required to post in the “Will You Be There?” forums for any scheduled raids that you will be unable to attend. This policy will never go away (even after becoming a full member), but failure to do so as an applicant will likely result in the termination of your application.
    • Reach an AA count that is both higher than the autogranted minimum at L100 and satisfying to the archetype leader of your class.
    • Be able to link achievements showing your progress on current content progression missions.
    • Be recommended for promotion to Full Member by your class archetype leader.
  • Be able to satisfy all of the above points within 45 days of becoming an Applicant. If these requirements are not met within this time span, your application will be terminated and you will be unable to reapply to the guild without first acquiring the permission of the guild leader.

Class need

        • Paladin (2-3)


        • Bard (1)
        • Druid (1)
        • Warrior (1-2)


    • Beastlord
    • Berserker
    • Cleric
    • Enchanter
    • Magician
    • Monk
    • Necromancer
    • Ranger
    • Rogue
    • Shadow Knight
    • Shaman
    • Wizard

How to submit your application…

    • When you are ready to apply, you must first register a username with our forums that matches the name of the main, raiding character you will be applying with. If you are unsure of how to do this or need help, you may view this post for instructions. Please contact a member of leadership if you are still having difficulty afterward.
    • Next, please view the application listed here. Copy and paste the application into a new thread that you will post in the Recruitment part of the forums (the very forum you’re on now!).
      • You must title your application “APPLICANT: Name”. Following this simple instruction will make you look really good! ;)
    • If your application is accepted, you will be contacted within a couple of days by an officer, tagged as an applicant of Valhallah and given applicant status on the forums. Afterward, your application PM will be relocated to a members-only section for discussion.
  • Finally, please do keep in mind that your application is our first impression of you, so make it count (i.e., update your Magelo, be precise in your answers, don’t leave questions unanswered, d0n7 typ3 l|k3 dis, don’t be fucking stupid, etc.)!


General Information
Unbuffed HP:
Unbuffed Mana:
Unbuffed AC(tank class only):
Your Toons Magelo:
What name did you register on our boards with:
How Did you Hear about Pdm:
Current Guild:
Reason for leaving Current guild/ Last guild (be specific please):
Guild history, N/a or none is Not acceptable:
(include all raiding guild memberships on any servers)
List Friends OR Family members in Pandemonium(if any):
Why are you interested in Joining Pandemonium:
Why would you make a good addition to Pandemonium:What kinda experience did you have raiding with your class:
Describe the duties of your class:
(Our raid times are 6:30PM EST till 11:00PM EST on Sat/sun And 7:30PM EST till 11:00PM Mon thu Wed.)
Please List your playtimes:
Do you have your 2.0? If not what is your status?
How long have you owned your account?
Are you original owner of the account?
Also do others have access to your account?
Has this or any other account you have owned had a disciplinary action taken against it such as a ban or suspension? (if yes, why?)
Have you ever had any other characters? Include names and server.
What is your favorite expac:
Is your gear fully auged:
Must Have Newest Expac.
PDM Requires to App.
Do you Have Gina Downloaded?
Do you like Pie(which kind and why)?Additional Information:
(Include any special information or situations that should apply to you, including exceptions from recruiting policy)

Lieing and Incomplete applications will be discarded


Everquest Progression Guilds Recruiting

In honor of the 15th anniversary of the original Everquest, SOE released a video showing what the game has meant to its fans and player base since its initial release in March of 1999.

To commemorate the occasion, the mmo guild report will be taking a look at active Everquest progression guilds, a  lot of which are recruiting to this day.

We begin with Valorguard, the oldest guild on the former Nameless server. According to their website, they are a mature group of individuals who enjoy raiding current expansion content, but understand that their members have a life outside of EQ. Because of that, they raid 3 nights/week(currently Fri, Sun, Tues from 7pm until ~11pm eastern time) and have no minimum participation requirements.

Their recruiting policy below:
Thank you for your interest in Valorguard.

We are always looking for skilled players who fit in well with our fun & friendly guild culture. We never close recruiting completely; instead, we control the size of our raid force without needing to limit our overall membership. We also welcome players who are less interested in raiding but still want to join a helpful, active guild to help progress through the other areas of the game.

Valorguard is not a “hard-core raiding guild” since we typically raid only 3 nights per week, however, we do make constant progress through the game due to the dedication and discipline of our members and leaders on raid nights. We seek people who like to play on a regular basis, however, Valorguard is a totally volunteer organization with no mandatory attendance requirements. We understand that our members also have real lives that take priority over gaming. Specific classes are either opened or closed periodically, as needed.

Valorguard is a collection of players who genuinely want to help each other advance through the game and have fun doing it. This is most evident during non-raid times where members are free to form groups to accomplish their single group goals. Members are generally willing to help their guildmates in whatever way they can. Applicants should have a good attitude and be supportive and willing to help other guildmates.

Valorguard is one of the oldest and most respected guilds on the former Nameless Server and VG members are very proud to be part of the family. Some of what our members have said that VG means to them:
• One word: “Heart”
• To me VG is simply amazing… Its camaraderie, its resilience, innovation, and desire greatly surpass that of most “uber” Guilds.
• What defines VG the most I would have to say is its compassion.
• I feel our commitment to respecting other players has earned us a large number of friends and allies.
• Heart and soul of the guild has remained the people in it.
• We are seen by many others as a HIGHLY honorable and respectable guild.
• Commitment, honor, respect, maturity, unselfishness to name a few.
• The most important thing I look for in a recruit is what I call “VG material”. This is basically: heart, selflessness, maturity, loyalty to our little institution, a sense of belonging, of home.
• Most members firmly think that the journey is more important than the goal.
• We have found joy in each step VG has conquered to becoming a more powerful guild.
• All I can say is we are a family.

If this is what you are looking for in a guild, then Valorguard is for you!

1. You first need to get to know members of Valorguard and get them to know you. The best way to do this is by grouping and/or raiding with VG members:
– When you log in, /join vgapp:honor to join our applicant chat channel (where you can find out what’s currently going on in the guild, or perhaps get invited to a guild group).
– You can join VG raids as a “guest” if there is room by sending a /tell to any officer during raid times for a raid invite and a temporary guild tag (for the duration of the raid).
2. As you get to know more VG members, you will need one of them to sponsor you and to post your application to our recruiting board where you will be evaluated by VG members (these comments are viewable only by full members). At this point you are a “posted applicant”.
– Your sponsor will be your coach and mentor as you move through the VG application process.
– Some hopeful applicants find sponsors right away, some take longer. Always feel free to ask VG members you have a connection with to sponsor you.
3. Once you are a posted applicant, you are allowed to keep the Valorguard guildtag to facilitate interaction and help you get to know VG and it’s members. You need to be a consistent player because participation and good gameplay is crucial in order to get positive member feedback posted to your application. After 10 members vote “yes to probation” and approval by a majority vote of the officers, you are a “probation member.”
4. Once you are a probation member, continue to be a consistent player because you will still receive member feedback. After one month fixed duration from the probation date, VG officers vote on your application (based on your member feedback). If you receive a 2/3 majority YES vote from the officers, you are a VG “full member”.

Types of Valorguard Membership
When you apply to Valorguard, you will apply as a Raiding Member or Social Member. This will determine which of the 3 membership types you will apply under. All VG full members have the same rights & privledges, so there is no distinction between the types of membership outside of raid priority.

1. Raid-Tagged Member (a player applying to an OPEN class as Raiding Member)
We actively recruit available players in classes that are open because we need more players of that class join our raids. Because of that, these players are given a “Raid Tag” once they complete the application process, which means their spot in a VG raid is reserved, and they are able to stay in the raid even if the raid fills up.

2. Raid-Qualified Member (a player applying to a CLOSED class as Raiding Member)
If your class is currently closed, that means that VG is currently well staffed in your class and there is not a need to recruit an additional player of that class. However, we realize that there are exceptional players out there and we understand the benefit to the guild by not turning them away. We also realize that the only limits imposed by the game are on raid size being capped at 54 players. Therefore, we allow a player to apply and become a full member in a closed class.

A Raid-Qualified Member is exactly the same as any other full member, except for one. They do not have a guaranteed spot in a VG raid. What this means is that Raid-Qualified Members are able to join VG raids when there is room in the raid, however, if the raid fills up and there are other Raid-Tagged Members waiting to join, Raid-Qualified Members may be asked to drop the raid after the current event is finished. These players will be re-invited back to the raid as space and priority allow, they will continue to get raid attendance credit, and can still bid on any raid loot that drops. We track players waiting to join the raid in a special chat channel (/join VGoverflow:over).

There is also a process where a Raid-Qualified Member can be converted to a Raid-Tagged Member based on exceptional skill, attitude & attendance during raids. Another way is if there is a need to open a class that already has Raid-Qualified Members or applicants in it; one or more of them may be converted to a Raid-Tagged Member. Typically, Raid Tags are reviewed and awarded during the regular recruiting update process that occurs quarterly.

Please see the Raid Guide for details on how Raid-Tagged & Raid-Qualified members are moved into and out of raids.
Please see the Loot page for details on loot priority.

3. Social Member (a player applying as a non-Raiding Member)
A player who is skilled and fits in well with our guild culture is welcome to apply, even if they do not plan to join VG raids. Typically, these are newer, returning players, or players who cannot login during our normal raid time. Outside of raids, these Social Members are treated equally along with all other Valorguard full members.

Social Members do not have any raid loot priority, but may be awarded some items (like runes) by special request or raid leader discretion. Members who meet VG guesting requirements can join raids with the same priority as guests. Social Members can also convert to Raid-Tagged or Raid-Qualified Member (depending on class) by posting an application and going through the application process.

Minimum requirements for Raid-Tagged or Raid-Qualified applicants:
-Maximum level + 4000 AAs
-Current group content equipment or better, including augs
-Create and maintain an updated Magelo throughout application process
-Attend the majority of raids during application process
-Use GINA or in-game audio triggers for all our current raid targets
-Maximum resists (including MPG Trials and DoN progression)
-All expansions owned

Minimum requirements for Social Member applicants:
-Level 96 + 2000 AAs
-Current group content equipment, including augs
-Create and maintain an updated Magelo throughout application process

Notes on the application process:
a) Each class is listed at the bottom of this page as being either open or closed. Applicants to a closed class are still allowed to apply to Valorguard, and go through the same recruiting process as applicants to an open class. See below for more details on applying to open/closed classes.
b) Officers can vote “yes”, “no”, or “more time”. More time is usually granted to applicants who haven’t received much feedback, or conflicting feedback, during their probation period.
c) Any sponsor or member who “leaks” another member’s feedback to an applicant will jeopardize the application process because the applicant is unlikely to receive the necessary YES vote from the officers if this is discovered.
d) Evaluating a applicant’s personality & skills while playing is the primary goal of the application process. Because of this, we respectfully require that you do not allow anyone else to play your character during your application period.
e) Just be yourself, relax and have fun. Do not put on an act or be somebody you’re not because we find that usually doesn’t work given our fairly rigorous recruiting process.

Notes on Guesting with VG:
a) Guests must be max level and have 1200 AA before being allowed to attend a VG raid.
b) Only characters interested in pursuing VG membership are allowed to guest on raids. Characters on silver or bronze accounts are not allowed to join VG raids.
c) Guests are not allowed to bid on raid loot, but may loot an item if it goes FFA.
d) If you are currently in a guild that raids similar content as VG, you will need to deguild before joining a VG raid.
e) Guests who are given a temporary guild tag during the raid are expected to deguild from Valorguard after the raid is over.
f) As a guild, we refrain from bad language, arguments or flaming in public chat channels. Appropriate conduct is required at all times.
g) Players will be permitted to guest with VG for up to 4 weeks. If an application is not posted in that time, future raid invites will be suspended until an application posted.

Member Sweeps and Returning Ex-members:
These are guidelines for our standard Member Sweeps and how we handle returning ex-members who left the guild in good standing and did not join another guild. VG officers may shorten or change any part of the process, depending on the specific circumstances of the player involved.
A member is converted to a Social Member if they haven’t logged into EQ in over 90 days (without any prior communication).
– If the player returns to the game within 30 days, they will convert back to their former member status.
– If they come back after 30 days and still meet minimum requirements, they will be given Social Member status and could potentially switch back to RQ-Member or RT-Member (depending on their class) by submitting an application and going through the application process.

As usual, if you know you need to take an extended leave from the game but plan to return, just let the officers know and we will accommodate you. Communication is key here.

Early termination:
Applicants who perform a bannable-type offense will be discharged from the Valorguard recruiting process immediately after a majority vote by the officers. In the rare case where an applicant receives overwhelmingly negative feedback (10+ member “no” votes), the officers may vote to terminate the application early (before the applicant finishes the standard voting period). This provision exists simply to provide a quick resolution for both VG and the applicant, if warranted.

If a sponsor decides to end their sponsorship of an applicant for any reason, the applicant has 2 weeks to find a replacement sponsor in order to continue the application process. If a sponsor can not be found in that time, the application will be terminated. An applicant can terminate their own application for any reason by simply notifying their sponsor or an officer.

All applications must address all 7 questions below and should be emailed to your sponsor for posting. If there is insufficient information in your application, it may be returned to you to improve, which will delay the process. Please include as many details as possible.

1. Explain why you want to be part of VG. What have you heard about VG or seen yourself that makes you want to join our guild? If you are a former VG member, also include why you left and what you have been doing since leaving.
2. List your usual play time/days (including timezone) ie. “I play from 7pm to 11pm EST every day except Monday”.
3. List any progression bits, keys and flags that you have or are missing that may be relevant based on our current raid zones.
4. List how many AAs you have at the time of your application.
5. List your guild history and approximate time you spent in each guild.
6. Tell us what city you live in and something about yourself, like where you work or go to school, how you got involved with EQ/gaming, other people you know in-game, what you do in your spare time (when not playing EQ), etc.
7. You should include your *updated* Magelo number.
8. Specify whether you are applying as a Raiding Member or a Social Member.

We request that our members evaluate all applicants using specific criteria. They often include examples of things that they have personally observed during their interactions, so all applicants should strive to do their best in the following areas:
– Activity (playtime) during and outside of raids
– Performance in group activity
– Performance in raid activity
– Overall attitude
– Willingness to take measures to improve weak spots in gear and augments (character pride and investment)
– Willingness to help others, selflessness, and other traits that define “VG material”

If you have any questions about our recruiting process, feel free to send a tell in game to any VG officer or VG member. They are more than happy to answer any question you might have about our recruiting process.

And thank you for your interest in Valorguard!

Guild of the Week: The Faceless Order EQ2 Progression Guild

MMO Grinder did a good review of Sony’s Everquest 2 a while back, so I linked it here. It’s one of the few mmos I wish I was still playing and may jump back into one of these days.

Our MMO guild of the week is The Faceless Order, an Everquest 2 Progression Guild. “It is our mission to progress through all available Everquest raid content in a linear fashion beginning with Classic EQ. We raid three nights per week starting at 9pm and ending at 12am EST.” says their mission statement on their official website and it looks like when it comes to EQ, this guild does not mess around.

There in an application to join the official SoE Test Server branch of TFO on their forums and officers and recruiters who are online can be found in the channel TFOapply:welcome — simply /join TFOapply:welcome when looking for an Officer / recruiter in game.

This is their application template for new  members:

Character Name:
Level / AA count:
How many hours a week do you spend playing EverQuest:

We raid Mon, Wed, Thurs from 9pm to 12am EST. Which days can you commit to attending?

When did you originally begin playing Everquest?

Describe your raiding background, include notable guilds you’ve been a member of and all content you have raided previously.

What expansion or era do you most look forward to experiencing and why?

Any 300 level tradeskills?

Are you able to join Ventrilo during raids? Speaking is not required.

During your 2 week trial, what aspects of your character will you focus on improving the most outside of raids?
(eg. gear, AA, epic 2.0)

Do you have a high lvl (85+) character that can aide you in gearing up or will you need help from others?

Where did you hear about us?

Please join the channel: TFOapply:welcome to speak with an online Officer or Recruiter. If you are having trouble finding one of us on, ask any member in-game if an Officer or Recruiter is on.